Attendance Office

Room S124 – (847)-424-7800

How to report a student absence at ETHS

To report a full-day student absence, call the Attendance Office line at 847-424-7800. Calls must be received by 10:00pm on the day following the absence. If a student will be arriving late or leaving early, see check in/check out procedures below. The absence line is available twenty-four (24) hours a day to receive messages regarding attendance. The parent/guardian must state:

  • The student’s name and ID number
  • The date(s) of the absence and period(s) to be missed
  • Valid reason for the absence
  • Parent/guardian name
  • Their relationship to the student

To excuse a student in a language other than English, call the Latino Liaison/Minority Languages Office at 847-424-7166. Para excusar a un estudiante en un idioma diferente del inglés, llamen a la Oficina del Enlace Latino/Idiomas Minoritarios al 847-424-7166.

ETHS will not accept notes unless a parent/guardian has shown your grade-level dean that there is no telephone in the household.

Checking In/Out of School

Checking In. Students arriving to school late will be marked tardy and assigned a consequence according to our tardiness procedures. If you arrive late, check in with a Safety Officer to receive an admit slip in order to enter your classroom. If you arrive late to school due to a pre-arranged medical appointment, a phone call from your parent/guardian is required PRIOR to your arrival. You must report to the Attendance Office (S124) to check in once you arrive to school. The Attendance Office will issue you a Late Arrival Pass.

Checking Out. If you have a valid reason to check out of school before your last scheduled class is over, your parent/guardian is required to call the Attendance Office PRIOR to your departure. You must request a hall pass from your teacher and check out in the Attendance Office before leaving school, or, in case of illness, with the nurse’s office. The Attendance Office will issue you a Leave Early Absence Pass.

Illness During School Hours

Leaving Class for Illness. If you become ill during class, ask your teacher for a hall pass, and report to the nurse’s office (Health Service, N100). If you become ill during the passing period, report to your next class, ask your teacher for a pass, and proceed to the nurse’s office. If your illness is such that you cannot reach your next class, you should report to the nearest adult or classroom for assistance. If you arrive at the nurse’s office without a valid pass, you will be sent to class for a pass, if you are able. If you are physically unable to obtain a pass (seriously injured, difficulty breathing, etc.) you will be seen without first obtaining a pass.

Checking Out of School for Illness. If you are ill and the nurse decides to send you home, the nurse will call your parent/guardian, issue you a Leave Early Absence Form, and excuse you for classes missed. If a student leaves the building due to illness without checking out with the nurse, the absence will be unexcused and will count toward NC.

Juniors and seniors: If you are off campus during your scheduled lunch period, including your unscheduled period immediately following lunch, you are still considered "in school" and must return to the building and report to the nurse if you feel ill. If you fail to return and check out with the nurse, regardless of the reason, your absence will be marked unexcused and will count toward NC.

For complete details on attendance prodcedures, see "Attendance" section on page 14 of The Pilot handbook.


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