School Social Workers


2014-2015 School Social Workers
Top Row (L-R): Anthony King, Michael Edwards, Melissa Pollack-Valentin, Ralph Schwartz
Bottom Row (L-R): Taryn Wanninger, Aracely Canchola, Martha Zarate-Ortega, Jeff Simon, Anna Landmeier

Role of the Social Worker

  • Provide crisis intervention, counseling services, support, and case management.
  • Build trusting relationships with students, families, and school personnel.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of student and family.
  • Provide home visits/meet families to understand and address barriers to learning.
  • Link students and families with school and community resources.
  • Encourage families to effectively participate in their child’s education.
  • Collaborate with all school personnel to assess students’ social/emotional obstacles to academic success.
  • Gather information from family.
  • Help families understand school policies, services, and programs.
  • Assist teachers and administrators in developing plans to help students with academic and behavior problems.
  • Follow-up on student issues referred by teachers or administrators.
  • Develop/facilitate/coordinate prevention activities and intervention strategies.

Social Worker Referrals

Issues that May Prompt a School Social Work Referral:

  • Mental health issues
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Lack of basic needs/homelessness
  • Pregnancy teen parent needs
  • Change in academic performance
  • Chronic attendance or tardiness issues
  • Gang affiliations
  • Coping or social skills deficits
  • Facilitation of school-home-community communication
  • Student advocacy
  • Referral, monitoring, collaboration to and with community agencies
  • Staff support and/or development
  • Substance Abuse

When should I refer a student to a school social worker?

A student should be referred to the school social worker when the student shows signs of social and/or emotional difficulties which are interfering with the student’s success at school.

How do I make a referral?

Parents can contact their student’s counselor.

Teachers must complete a social work referral form.

Students can self-refer themselves by talking to their grade level social worker.

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