Step 1: Complete These Back-to-School Requirements

  • Do you need to register your child to attend ETHS? If your student is new to ETHS for the 2019-20 school year, please follow the steps listed on our "Registration Information" page below.

    If your student is a junior/Class of 2021 student this year and you have questions about proof of residency required this year, please visit the ETHS Junior Residency web page

    Did you move during the past school year or over the summer? If your child(ren)'s primary residence has changed since last school year, you'll need to provide proof of residency. Follow the instructions at the link below to verify residency before the school year begins.

    Are your student health records up to date in the Nurses' Office? To ensure that State of Illinois health requirements are met, the ETHS Nurses' Office (Health Services Department) must have the required health documents on file before a student can attend school

    You can contact the ETHS Health Center to schedule an appointment for physical exams and immunizations, if necessary. Appointments can be made during the summer and during the school year. Click on the link below to read the Health Requirements for students in grades 9-12 and to access forms.

    If a religious exemption is requested for health requirements, an exemption form must be completed by a parent/guardian and signed by a healthcare provider, and must be on file with the Nurses’ Office before a student can attend school. 

    Have you paid your annual school fee or outstanding balance? A Student Fee Statement is available online through your myETHS account. You may access student account information at any time through myETHS to view current charges and any unpaid balance for things like lost, damaged or misplaced textbooks. Fees can be paid online through the ETHS Web Store. A $30 late fee will be added to any payment received after the August 13 fee payment deadline. Any student household that completes the Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program application online by the August 13 application deadline will not be assessed a late fee whether or not the application is approved. Click on the link below for complete information about student fees and fee waivers.

    Do you need to update your contact information (phone number, email address) or emergency contact? Prior to the start of the school year, parents/guardians should log into their Home Access Center (HAC) accounts to update their phone number or email address, add contact information for an additional parent/guardian, or make changes to emergency contact information. The mobile phone number in HAC will be used for the text messaging option.

    To update contact information, follow the steps listed on this page:

    Do you need to update your Consents? Using myETHS, you can provide consent for Student Athletic Participation or Student Activities Participation, and modify FERPA consent status for things like yearbook photos or the graduation program.

    To update consent or make other changes to your Student’s Record, follow the steps listed on this page: