Step 2: Prepare for the First Day of School

  • First Day Schedule

    Students report by grade level on opening day, August 14. 

    Student Schedules. As a reminder, requests to change courses due to preferences and/or level changes will not be accepted as students return to ETHS for the 2023-24 school year. Class schedules for students in grades 9-12 are available to view in Home Access Center (HAC) as of the evening of Friday, August 4. Schedules are not printed and will not be mailed home. 

    If there are questions about a student’s schedule, please contact your counselor by email on Wednesday, August 9, 2023. A student who does not have a first-block class can go to The Hub (W220), Central Library (H200), or East Library (E220).

    Please review the first day bell schedules and information.

    School Supply List

    Families may review this list each year and replenish any general school supplies, as needed. Teachers will inform students during the first few days of class what supplies are required. Students will receive textbooks for all courses in which they are registered.

    Student Handbook

    The Pilot: Student & Family Handbook summarizes school rules, policies, procedures and expectations. It is the student’s responsibility to become aware of its contents and new information.

    Updates for 2023-24 Pilot were highlighted in an email to students and families. As a reminder, please review updated information:

    • Cafeterias (page 17): Students are assigned to a cafeteria for lunch as noted in their schedule. The drop-in cafeteria is North Cafeteria.

    • Attendance - Notification is required for late arrival to school or absence (page 22):

      • Parents/guardians are required to notify the Attendance Office for every absence and every late arrival to school. Use myETHS Absence Request or call the Student Attendance Line at (847) 424-7800 on the day of the absence. 

      • Parents/guardians may leave a message if they don’t speak directly with a staff member. 

    • No Credit Status (page 22): Students who have 6 or more unexcused absences in a single block in one semester will have No Credit status in that block, regardless of the grade earned.

    • Tardiness (page 24): Students are expected to arrive to class on time and be prepared to learn every school day. Students who arrive after the tardy bell rings will be marked Tardy by teachers. 

      • ETHS will no longer have “Extreme Tardies.” There will be interventions to address student absences and tardies.

      • See page 30 of The Pilot for Tardy Probation Guidelines  

    • Residency (page 53): ETHS now requires proof of residency for all students, annually. Families were notified in March 2023 of this change. If your address changes while you are enrolled at ETHS, you must update the student’s record

    • Student Government (page 57): ETHS students who are interested in getting involved in Student Union or Student Council should review information and guidelines.

    • Faith’s Law (page 115):  Faith’s Law is intended to prevent sexual abuse and misconduct in schools. It expands the definition of grooming beyond electronic communications to include written communications and acts committed in person or by conduct through a third party.

    Student expectations. In order to build a community of trust, accountability, and responsibility, ETHS students are expected to make a positive contribution to their classroom communities and their overall school community. 

    • Students should arrive on time to every class every day.

    • Students should go to their assigned cafeteria as listed on their schedule.

    • Students should turn off and put away their cell phones when entering academic spaces (classrooms and labs). Staff will let students know when cell phone use is occasionally permitted for academic purposes. Students can follow these general guidelines on where they can use their cell phones and other devices during the school day:

    The Deans’ Office
    Cell phones and other devices must always be turned off and put away while in the Deans’ Office. 

    Classrooms and Labs
    Cell phones are to be turned off, put away, and not to be used in academic spaces (classrooms/labs).

    Hallways, Lunch, and The Hub
    Cell phones and other devices may be used in hallways between classes, in cafeterias during lunch blocks, and in The Hub (W220) during unscheduled time.


    Hall lockers

    Students are assigned hall lockers that they keep for the duration of their high school experience. Hall locker assignments and combinations are available on HAC > Registration and on myETHS.

    School Meal Payment Options

    Visit the web page to learn more about school meal payment options, including adding money to your student’s meal account before the first day of school.

    The Free and Reduced Priced Meal Program is available to families who qualify. The application must be completed and submitted each year.  Students who live in eligible households may eat school breakfasts and lunches free or at a reduced cost. Apply for the program online by August 8, 2023. 

    Breakfast and lunch menus are available on the Nutrition Services page of the website. The MealViewer app is also available to view menus on any computer or mobile device for dietary information and updates in real-time as menu changes are made.This tool provides students and parents/guardians with nutritional information, allergens, favorite foods, school announcements, and special menu item information.

    Parking & Transportation

    The Parking & Transportation page has information about student drop off/pick up, as well as biking and public transportation. Note: ETHS does not use a yellow bus service. Students can take CTA or PACE buses to school. 

    Students may ride CTA buses and trains and PACE buses on weekdays for a reduced fare by purchasing a Student Ventra Card. ETHS student IDs are not accepted by the CTA or PACE. Returning students must reactivate their card at the start of each school year. Purchase or reactivate Ventra cards in the Student Accounts Office (H110). More information is available on the Parking and Transportation page of the ETHS website.

    Please remember that traffic will be heavier than normal on opening day. Students should be prepared to arrive at least 20 minutes early on the first day of school. Refer to the first day schedule for grade level start times. Expect traffic congestion and delays around the grade level start times.

    Student ID Cards

    Students receive new ID cards on the first day of school during their first-block class. Students can use either their printed ID card or the “My Student ID” on their mobile device for accessing building spaces, paying for their school meals, and gaining access to certain school events, such as dances. 

    • ETHS requires students to have an ID photo on file as a part of the student record; students can verify they have a photo on file by following these directions.

    • ETHS is taking photos of all new incoming students; new students will have the opportunity to have a photo taken during their new student orientation.

    • New students that had their photo taken during summer school Prep to ETHS course do not need to have another photo at orientation.

    • ETHS will print ID cards for 2023-24, and they will be distributed on the first day of school.

    • ETHS has a mobile ID card that can be accessed via phone, tablet, or Chromebook. Directions for accessing the mobile ID card are online. 

    Questions? Email or call 847-424-7316. 

    Chromebook Extended Warranty Coverage (optional; recommended)

    All ETHS-issued Chromebooks come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with limited coverage. To cover other kinds of damage, parents/guardians can purchase optional Chromebook extended warranties that must be renewed every year. All one-year policies need to be renewed on or before August 7, 2023, to maintain coverage without interruption. Families that purchased the four-year warranty do not need to renew. Please review the ChromeCare Warranty information and payment options.