Freshman Orientation FAQ

  • Do students and parent/guardians attend Orientation?

    Yes. Students and parent/guardians are invited to attend orientation. A parent/guardian is necessary for Chromebook pickup.

    What if a family is unable to attend the time assigned by last name?

    We assign Orientation times by last name to evenly distribute attendance across the sessions with the intent to have a quality orientation experience. If you are unable to attend you assigned time we are able to welcome families at any of the sessions.

    What if my child is not able to attend Orientation?

    A parent/guardian is welcome to attend Orientation even if their child is not present.

    What if my family is unable to attend Orientation?

    We highly recommend that families make every effort to attend Orientation. If you are not able to attend the presentation will be posted on the Orientation page of the ETHS website. Families are able to pick up orientation materials and Chromebooks from ETHS on the day after Orientation only. Otherwise, students should plan to arrive early on the first day of school to allow time to pick up materials.

    When will I get my child's schedule and locker assignment?

    You will receive your child's schedule and locker assignment in the counselor session of Orientation.

    When do I meet my child's counselor?

    You will meet your child's counselor at Orientation. There is a session hosted by each counselor to provide some important information to begin building a partnership between your family and the counselor. They will also provide some details to start the school year.

    Can I attend Orientation if I have not completed registration yet?

    No. Families must complete all steps of registration before they are able to participate in an Orientation session.