On January 27, 2021, the IHSA revised the sports schedules for winter, spring, and summer sports. Students wishing to participate in a spring or summer sport must register for those sports in order to receive communication updates from the coaches about contact days (see below), pre-season meetings, and schedules for the first week of the season.



    There are a few winter sports that may still allow freshmen to participate.  Please contact the varsity coach directly to see if these opportunities still exist:



    Badminton, Boys Soccer, Football, Girls Volleyball, Boys Gymnastics, B/G Water Polo, and the Field Hockey Club seasons continue through spring break. These teams will be practicing and competing the week of spring break due to the already shortened season.  Any students who travel out-of-state will not only miss those practices/contests, but may also be subjected to a possible 10-day quarantine upon their return depending on the emergency travel order in place at that time.  

    For the “summer” sports starting on April 5th (Baseball, B/G Lacrosse, Girls Soccer, Softball, Boys Tennis, B/G Track & Field, Boys Volleyball, and Ultimate Disc Club), this season starts immediately after spring break. Families must understand that any out-of-state travel may result in a 10-day quarantine for their student depending on the emergency travel order in place at that time.  



    Safety is a top priority when conducting training sessions so the Safety Guidelines for Athletics will be followed. Students will need to complete the Self-Certification COVID Screening in their myETHS account prior to coming to each training session. Students must wear a mask from the time they arrive until they leave our facility. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, he/she must notify the Athletic Director. The entire practice group may be suspended from participation, as determined by the Evanston Health Department.  



    For students participating in Football, Boys Soccer, and Girls Volleyball, the IHSA is now allowing athletes in those sports to participate in their club sport at the same time as the high school season. This has never been allowed by the IHSA for many reasons, most notably that it can cause overuse injuries and lead to burnout for the student-athlete. It can also create conflicts between the club team and the high school team. While ETHS will support this IHSA allowance, coaches will continue to follow their expectations for mandatory attendance at practices and contests. Any absence from either may result in your suspension from the next contest or whatever consequence the coach for that sport has in place. This information is being shared ahead of the season so you can make the best decision for you and plan accordingly.



    Once again, ETHS Athletics is offering “contact days” which are off-season practice sessions that allow the ETHS coaching staff to teach the fundamental skills and strategy of their sport.  These pre-season opportunities give student-athletes and teams a head start on their upcoming season. Coaches are communicating the contact day practice schedules for their sports directly to the students registered for their sport. If you were not registered and missed this information, please contact the varsity coach for your sport using the coaching directory. Students may want to participate in contact days for two different sports that have conflicting schedules or may have family obligations or other conflicts that arise. It is expected that students communicate these schedule conflicts to their coaches at least 24 hours prior to each training session.  Students are expected to arrive on time, follow the directions of coaches, work hard, and have a positive attitude.  Any students that cannot do those things will be asked to leave their session and may be dropped from further participation in contact days.



    Student grades will continue to be checked through weekly grade reports every Friday just like the regular season.  If students are earning a C- or lower in two or more classes, an email will be sent to them and parent/guardians.  Students will need to get support in each of those classes the following week from their teacher in AM support or department study centers or they will not be able to participate in contact days.  Academics will always come before athletics.



    All students must register to participate in sports.  Detailed information on how to register for sports is available on our website. Students can also register directly at Students are no longer required to complete an ImPACT baseline test before the start of the season as coaches will be conducting those tests once teams have been finalized. The most pressing matter for many students looking to participate in sports is ensuring that their most recent doctor’s health physical has been submitted to the ETHS Nurse's Office to be able to register for a sport.  In an effort to not overwhelm the office, only students who are looking to start their winter sport should submit their doctor’s physical ASAP (INDICATE ON YOUR SUBMISSION THAT IT IS FOR SPORTS). Here is all of the information about physical exam requirements:

    • A complete physical by a licensed healthcare provider (MD, DO, APN or PA) is only valid for 395 days (one year plus 30 days).
    • The student’s physical exam completed on the State of Illinois Child Health Certificate form should always be submitted right after the exam so the student-athlete remains eligible for participation in sports.  Please bring the form to the annual physical.
    • Allow 5 days for doctor’s physicals to be processed by the Nurse’s Office.
    • Secured drop boxes for medical health forms are located at Entrances 1, 2 and 3 (INDICATE ON YOUR SUBMISSION THAT IT IS FOR SPORTS).
    • Physicals may also be faxed to the Nurses’ Office to 847-424-7254 or scanned (camera photographs are not valid) and emailed as an attachment to (INDICATE ON YOUR SUBMISSION THAT IT IS FOR SPORTS).
    • The ETHS Health Center is available for sports physicals by appointment (847-424-7265).