Instructional Technology

  • The Instructional Technology department, which operates as part of the Instructional and Informational Technology (IIT) department, is responsible for supporting instructional and non-instructional technology initiatives that foster communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Our initiatives include training and support of instructional hardware, software, and other equipment. This includes the 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative which provides access to a laptop for all students beginning with the class of 2018. In addition, the department administers professional development for faculty and staff in the use of technology to improve student learning.

    Key contacts for Instructional Technology are:

    • 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative - David Chan, Mina Marien, and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Acquisition, research and testing of instructional software and hardware - David Chan
    • Apple iOS Mobile Device Cart Support - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Assistance with the implementation and integration of any new technology in the school - David Chan, Mina Marien, and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Chromebook Mobile Device Cart Support - David Chan, Mina Marien, and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • ChromeZone Student Tech Support Center - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Discovery Education Streaming - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Google Apps for Education - David Chan, Mina Marien, and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Google Vault - David Chan
    • Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps - David Chan, Mina Marien, and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Software training for teachers and students in classrooms and centers - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Tablet PC Training - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Voicethread - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim
    • Web Applications including: Quia, Quizlet, Poll Everywhere, Socrative - Mina Marien and Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim

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