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Report Cards available on Home Access Center (HAC)

Report Cards (also called Grade Reports) are prepared four times a year, at the end of each marking period.  


Beginning this school year, Report Cards will be made available via Home Access Center (HAC) only. Please note: Report Cards will not be sent home via postal mail. Report Cards for the current marking period can now be viewed on HAC, under Grades > Report Card. 


If you need assistance with HAC, send an email to or call the HAC Help Desk at 847-424-7121. Information about student/parent portals is also available online at


ETHS is committed to helping each student grow with social-emotional learning, academic learning, and post-high school planning, as well as ensuring that each student has the resources to get the help they need. Resources available on the ETHS website include:


You may also obtain additional information about grades throughout the quarter and semester by consulting with individual teachers, as well as by checking HAC.