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ETHS commitment to a drug-free school zone


ETHS District 202 is sharing the following important information in anticipation of a new state law taking effect on January 1, 2020 regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana (Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act, or CRTA).


  • In accordance with the CRTA legislation, ETHS is a drug-free school zone and a drug-free workplace. ETHS policies and rules related to our drug-free commitment are outlined in The Pilot handbook (see Section 10: Student Rights & Responsibilities; Section 12: School Dance Guidelines; Section 14: Student Behavior Code; and Section 15: Extracurricular Code of Conduct.)
  • State and federal drug laws pertaining to schools are applicable. The CRTA prohibits the possession and use of cannabis on school grounds, school property, and school buses. School districts are encouraged to enforce drug-free work policies that prohibit the possession and use of recreational marijuana by students and staff.
  • Separate legislation (HB 4870) addresses the use of medical marijuana. Specific limits and restrictions are covered under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, taking into consideration federal funding requirements for schools, among other factors. 


Thank you for your continued support of student wellbeing at ETHS. We will continue to monitor regulations and legal implications to keep our school community informed as more information develops.