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March 25 updates in response to COVID-19

The following information was distributed to ETHS students, families, and staff on March 25, 2020.

Dear students, families, and staff:


ETHS District 202 is sharing an update to help guide our next steps in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here is what we know as of today, March 25, and how ETHS continues to adapt.


Stay at home!

First and foremost, all students must stay at home. This cannot be negotiable. Parents and guardians, please set these parameters with your children. This virus does not discriminate. All of you are susceptible to getting this disease and spreading it. You should not be playing basketball at outside basketball courts, for example. That is highly dangerous. You are in close proximity, all touching the same basketball that will spread the virus, in close contact with one another, and wiping your faces. Don’t get together in person with friends. Period. The virus is highly contagious through the air. Use social media only. You can infect your siblings, your grandparents, your parents/guardians, your aunts and uncles, and ultimately put health care workers at extreme risk. Please protect yourselves and other human beings. Stay home!


The governor’s “Act of God” Days run through March 30.

  • ETHS will continue remote learning and work through our e-learning period, which currently runs through April 3.
  • For March 31-April 3 e-learning days, a daily attendance email will be sent to students and teachers will record attendance. Assignments given will count toward a student’s grade.


The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will be providing grading guidance for March 31 and beyond.

    • ETHS will follow state guidance about grading for e-learning days, beyond the Act of God Days.  We will share updates as soon as details are available.


  • As a reminder, the ETHS 3rd quarter ended on Friday, March 13. Report cards are available on Home Access Center (HAC).



The governor’s stay-at-home order runs through April 7; the decision about reopening Illinois schools is postponed until April 8.

  • The ETHS Spring Break will be held as planned April 6-10. Students will not receive e-learning homework or assignments during this period. 
  • ETHS and all D202 offices will be closed April 4 through April 12. All wings, including the Gym Wing, will be closed to the public. No appointments will be made during this time.
  • When the governor makes a decision about the reopening of Illinois schools, ETHS will provide updated information about reopening the high school. Please continue to check your email and the ETHS website during the spring break period.


The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is not requiring any calendar revisions from school districts at this time. 

  • ISBE recognizes each district will have unique occurrences that will require special attention. ISBE will work with school districts in June to address changes to district calendars.


As a reminder, the ETHS building is closed to students, families, and visitors during our e-learning period and during the spring break period. Please continue to visit the ETHS website for the most up-to-date information.


We are grateful for your continued support as we get through this together.




Eric Witherspoon, Ph.D.