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E-learning reminders for end-of-year

Dear ETHS students, families, and staff:


As a reminder, the ETHS e-learning plan will continue through the end of the school year. Students in grades 9-11 will sign in using the required attendance form through May 28, 2020. 


Please note that Monday, May 25 is a non-attendance day for students and staff, and Friday, May 29 is the last Remote Learning Planning Day.  Educators will not provide new assignments during the week; the final due date for students to submit course work is May 27. Attendance will not be taken via the Google check-in form on May 25 and May 29.


For the final e-learning days on May 26, 27, and 28 ETHS will continue to support student wellbeing. Since semester exams were canceled, students will have an opportunity to focus on wellbeing resources such as the Self-Care Guide for Students and additional links on the web page Navigating the Emotional Landscape of COVID-19.  Families and students may continue to reach out to counselors, social workers and psychologists through the end of the school year, and during the summer students and families can contact the Student Services Department if they need support in connecting to community resources by calling 847-424-7575.


While students will not receive assignments May 26-28, it is important for students to sign in each day they receive the sign-in form for the remainder of the school year. Students should also complete any missing work for their classes and submit work by May 27. Thank you for your steadfast support of our students.