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Mid-quarter Reminders for Students and Families

As we approach the middle of the first quarter, ETHS would like to remind students and families of the following expectations and ways to stay connected to the services available to you during Enhanced E-learning. 


Attending all classes and scheduled groups/supports

  • Students must attend all live learning sessions according to the Live Learning Schedule.
  • Mondays, except for published non-attendance days, are school days, and students must engage in and complete assigned work.
  • Mondays also include social-emotional live learning sessions via counseling lessons, social work groups, and support groups. Students are expected to attend the sessions assigned via Google Classroom or their student email.
  • Live learning sessions are intended for students only. Parents/guardians and other family members should not be attending live learning sessions. Please see the Live Learning Guidelines for Families for more details.


Absences from Live Learning

  • Student absences must be reported to the school to 847-424-7800. Please report student absences according to the instructions on the Attendance & Absences webpage.
  • If students experienced technical issues (e.g., can’t find Zoom or Google Meet link, WiFi outage, etc.) while attempting to attend live learning sessions, they should contact the attendance office at 847-424-7800. 
  • If students attended a full live learning session and were marked as unexcused, please email your teacher to address the absence.


Staying connected

  • Use Home Access Center (HAC) regularly and set up a check-in time when your student logs into HAC and walks you through work completion, attendance, and grades. A weekly HAC check-in is suggested.
  • HAC provides you with the following information: Assignments, Attendance, Grades, Class schedules, Progress reports and Report Cards.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your student’s classroom experience during enhanced e-learning, please email your student’s teacher(s).
  • Check for updates about enhanced e-learning and the district’s plans via the Reopening Plan 2020-2021 webpage.



  • For classroom support, students should start with their teachers. Students can access teacher support during AM Support, Office Hours, and by appointment.
  • For general technology needs (e.g., lack of internet access, device issues, etc.), students should visit the Technology webpage. 
  • For Academic Supports via the Academic Study Center, students should visit the Academic Study Center webpage.
  • Resources for social-emotional and executive functioning support can be accessed via the following webpages:


Find Your Social Worker

Find Your Counselor

ETHS Virtual Calming Room

Executive Functioning at ETHS 

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