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Course Selection Guide for 2021-22


December marks the beginning of the course request process for next school year. For students in grades 9-11, the course request process is structured as a collaborative experience between students and their counselors with support from parents/guardians and teacher recommendations. Visit the course request process web page to read more about this process including student course request resources, counselor sessions, and the overall timeline for course requests.


Among the course changes for the 2021-22 school year are: 

  • AP Photography and Graphic Design will now integrate video into its title: AP Photography, Graphic Design, and Video. This course will also be offered to juniors. 
  • Intermediate College Algebra H will now be titled Intermediate College Algebra Honors - Transitional STEM TM001.


The Course Selection Guide, a searchable catalog of all courses available at ETHS, now shows course information for the 2021-22 school year. Information about courses for Summer School 2021 will be shared when details are available.


Ready to find a course? Launch the Course Selection Guide to search for courses that match your interests and needs.