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ETHS Fall Break November 24-26; Students will be dismissed at 2:07pm on Nov. 23


November 10, 2021



ETHS is sharing important information for the week of November 22, 2021.


Schedule for November 22-23


  • Students will follow the “Wildkit Monday” bell schedule on Monday, November 22 AND Tuesday, November 23. All blocks (1 through 8) will meet on these days.
  • On these days, AM Support begins at 8:00am. Block 1 begins at 8:30am. 
  • On these days, students will be dismissed at 2:07pm.


Students and parents/guardians should use Home Access Center (HAC) regularly to check work completion, attendance, and grades. Since students will see all of their teachers on November 22 and 23,  this is a good time to connect with teachers about any missing or late assignments.


Fall Break November 24-26


  • There is no school for students or staff from Wednesday, November 24 through Friday, November 26. 
  • Students return from fall break on Monday, November 29.


Stay home with symptoms 


As we continue to work together to support the health and wellbeing of our school community, please remember to stay home if you are sick, whether you are experiencing cold/flu symptoms, COVID symptoms, or other illness. If a student is sick, it’s important to follow the steps for Reporting an Illness or Absences.  If a student begins to experience symptoms while at school, they must go to the Nurses Office (not be called out through the Attendance Office).


Follow requirements for leaving early or arriving late 


Please note that ETHS does not call students out of class for leaving early from school. Please follow the steps for Leaving Early/Arriving Late, including providing documentation to the Deans’ Office. If a student is ill and the nurse decides to send  them home, the nurse will call the parent/guardian, issue a Leave Early Absence Form, and excuse the student for classes missed. If a student leaves the building due to illness without checking out with the nurse, the absence will be unexcused.


Resources for social emotional support can be accessed via the following webpages: 


Stay Connected through second quarter (ends December 23, 2021)


  • A little more than three weeks will remain in the semester after fall break. 
  • As a reminder, there are no semester exams. Teachers will provide information to their students about assessments for the semester.
  • For classroom support, students should start with their teachers. Students can access teacher support during AM Support, office hours, and by appointment.
  • Students may visit the Academic Study Center (E212) for information about a range of academic supports. 


COVID testing schedule


Please note that ETHS will not be conducting SHIELD testing during the fall break week.

  • SHIELD testing will be held on November 16 and November 17.
  • SHIELD testing will NOT be held on November 23 or 24 due to the school’s fall break. Testing will resume on Tuesday, November 30.