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April 8, 2022


Late registration for Summer School 2022 will be available April 13th - May 20th


Recovery Course Registration (Free for all current students)

These courses are available to students who earned an F in an English, History, Math, Science, or PE course during this current school year or previous school years. All tuition and fees for recovery courses have been suspended for Summer School 2022. There will be no cost for students to register for these recovery courses. 


Registration for a recovery course can be completed by contacting the student’s counselor.  Please refer to the Course Request Guide for the specific dates and times of each course. 


Students may take a maximum of 2 recovery classes during summer school. 


Advancement Course LATE Registration

The following advancement courses still have a few available seats.


Courses available to current students in grades 9-11:

  • Introduction to Drawing and Painting (26-Day)
  • Graphic Design (26-Day)
  • Contemporary Adult Life (26-Day)
  • Intro to Journalism (26-Day)
  • Innovating Through Design in Our Community (13-Day Session 1) 


Courses available to current students in grades 10-11

  • Economics (13-Day Session 2) 


Tuition and registration fees will still apply for these advancement courses. Course descriptions can be reviewed in the Course Request Guide.


Registration for these classes will be available through the ETHS Web Store beginning at 7:00am on Wednesday April 13 and closing at 4:00pm on Friday May 20 or sooner if classes reach capacity. Late registration is first come, first serve.


Summer School Attendance

Attendance is extremely important for summer school. Daily attendance is expected. 13-Day courses require a minimum of 12 days of attendance. 26-Day courses require a minimum of 24 days of attendance. Absences CANNOT be made up. Students may not attend in-person courses virtually.


Summer School Schedules

Student schedules with classroom and teacher assignments will be distributed electronically to students and families by May 31st. 


Contact Information

If you have any questions about Summer School, please call the Summer School Office at 847-424-7963, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm or email Bill Farmer at Visit the Summer School pages of the ETHS website for additional information.