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Finishing the School Year as a Wildkit Community

May 13, 2022


As the school year comes to an end, we want to ensure that each one of us, as parents, students, and staff, continues to show care for ourselves and each other through acts of prevention, asking for what we need, and using supports now and during the summer.  


Showing we care includes talking as a family about the importance of practicing Acknowledge, Care, Tell by telling someone if you have concerns about potential harm to self or to someone else. This also means using academic, mental health, and community supports to navigate the last two weeks of school and the summer.


Acknowledge, Care, Tell

  • We continue to encourage each member of the ETHS community to practice Acknowledge, Care, Tell in caring for our students and each other. 
  • Please encourage your student to report any suspicious activity to school officials, or to use the ETHS anonymous Text-A-Tip message line.
  • The Incident Reporting Form (Formulario de Reporte de Incidentes) is also a way to report incidents of Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation, Concerning or Threatening Behavior, Hate Incidents, Retaliation, Sexual Harassment, Unwanted or Inappropriate Touch, and Sexual Assault.


Student Supports

The end of the school year can be exciting and also stressful. ETHS continues to offer programming and support for students as part of its ongoing commitment to wellbeing.


We look forward to finishing the school year as a Wildkit community filled with spirit, compassion, and empathy.