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Summer School 2024 - Registration is Now Open

January 26, 2024

Online registration for Summer School 2024 is now open. You can register through the ETHS Web Store. Please review information on the Summer School web page to prepare for an exciting learning experience.


Course Information

Summer School offers a variety of courses for credit. Courses for credit are offered in 13-Day or 26-Day formats. To view a listing of Summer School courses, visit the online Course Request Guide. In the "School Year" drop down menu, select “Summer School 2024.”


Courses are also listed in the ETHS Web Store:


Academic Recovery Courses: All core academic courses required for graduation will be available to students who need to repeat an English, Math, History, Science, or PE course due to a failing grade. 

  • All academic recovery courses will be 26 days (May 29 - July 10). 


Summer School 2024 (May 29 - July 10): Session Dates and Hours

For information about the incoming freshmen course schedule, please visit Summer School for Incoming Freshmen.


Courses for current ETHS students are offered in 13-day and 26-day formats. 


  • 26-Day Courses begin on May 29 and end on July 10. Classes are scheduled  8:00am-10:30am or 11:05 am-1:35pm. See class descriptions in the Course Request Guide for details.

  • 13-Day Courses will operate in two sessions. Classes are scheduled 8:00am - 1:35pm. See class descriptions in the Course Request Guide for details.

    • Session 1 (May 29 - June 14) 

    • Session 2 (June 17 - July 10)


  • Calendar notes

    • The first three Fridays, May 31, June 7, and June 14 are Summer School attendance days. 

    • There is no Summer School on Fridays beginning June 21. 

    • There is no school on Wednesday, June 19.

    • There is no school on Thursday, July 4.


Driver’s Education 

Driver's Education registration will open on March 18. Students interested in Driver's Education must be 15 years+3 months old by May 29, 2024.

  • Beginning on February 16, current ETHS students will need to email their counselor to be added to the Summer School Driver’s Education Pre-Approval Form. Students who submit the form will be added to a list. Selected students will be given additional directions on how to register online for the Driver’s Education course.

  • Fees for Driver’s Education are $70 for registration and $400 for the course.



Lunch is served to students during Summer School. Students will have the option of buying lunch or bringing their lunch. Summer School has a closed campus. Students enrolled in courses for the entire day should expect to stay in the building from 8:00am – 1:35pm.


Attendance Expectations

Daily attendance is essential for students to meet Illinois guidelines for earning high school credits during the summer. It is important that school attendance policies are followed without exceptions. 

  • Each summer school day is equal to more than a week of study during the regular school year. 

  • There are no excused or unexcused absences during summer school. Students will not earn credit if they accumulate too many absences. 

  • The last days of each session (June 14 and July 10) are required attendance days and are full days of class.


Please review the Summer School Attendance Policy for details and information about tardies.


Have Questions?

If you have any questions about Summer School, please call the Summer School Office at 847-424-7950, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm or email me at Visit the Summer School pages of the ETHS website for more details.