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Introducing TalkingPoints: A New Communication Tool for ETHS

April 24, 2024


ETHS has a new tool to communicate with you. It’s called TalkingPoints. It allows for improved communication between teachers and families.


TalkingPoints supports ETHS’ commitment to work together with you to support the academic and social development of our students. The program is a user-friendly SMS-based (text) platform and mobile app. It ensures that you receive important information in a timely manner. 


Key features include:

  • Instant Messaging: Receive text messages with important updates, reminders, and announcements.

  • Multilingual Support: Communicate in your preferred language. TalkingPoints offers translation capabilities in 150+ languages. 

  • Two-Way Communication: Respond to messages from teachers and staff. We want to collaborate and have an open dialogue with you. Teachers and staff can address specific concerns or provide feedback on students' progress.


Getting Started
You do not need to opt in to get messages. ETHS will use your cell phone number from Home Access Center (HAC) to set up text communication. Log in to HAC to check or update your contact info. For details about how to update your contact information, visit the ETHS website.


We look forward to using TalkingPoints to foster positive relationships and to strengthen our school community.