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Student User Names for the 2015-2016 School Year

For the 2015-2016 school year, freshmen and sophomore user names will follow the naming convention of first initial, middle initial, first 8 characters of last name, plus a number at the end if needed to distinguish from another student. Juniors and seniors will continue with the student ID number as user name.

Students will continue using this single user name and password to access ETHS computer network resources, Google Apps, HAC, and ETHS Home Applications. Guardians will continue to have HAC access via user names and passwords as before.


For Summer School, you will be able to see student assignments and assignment grades via Home Access Center (HAC). To view Summer School Classwork online,

  1. Log on to HAC.
  2. Choose the Classes icon and the Classwork tab.
  3. Change the View Classwork for Report Card Run to All Runs.
  4. Click the Refresh View button.
  5. Click on the down arrow by All Classes and select the Summer School class.



Home Access Center (HAC) allows parents/guardians and students to access these items online:
HOME - Week View, Calendar, and School Links
ATTENDANCE - Detailed attendance for whole school year
  • Classwork section with assignments and scores
  • Schedule section with class schedule for whole school year
  • IPR section with quarterly Interim Progress Reports - Sign up here to receive IPRs by email.
  • Report Card section with quarterly and semester Report Cards - Sign up here to receive Report Cards by email.
  • Transcript section with Cumulative Course Grades, Credit, & GPA
  • Student Demographic section, including an immediate-update place for Contact information for students and guardian(s) - Update your phone and email here for an immediate change.
  • Registration Update section where you can make additional kinds of changes to student information, including student race/ethnicity changes, address changes, phone number and/or email address changes for one of your student’s parents/guardians other than yourself, addition of a parent/guardian, and Emergency Contact changes or additions. Note that changes made in this section must be accepted by the Registrar's Office before you will see them updated in HAC.
ETHS Home Applications allows parents/guardians and students to access these items online:
  • Community Service Records
  • Detention
  • Discipline
  • Drivers Education
  • ETHS Scholarships (seniors only)
  • PE Locker
  • Progress Toward Honors Credit
  • Prom Registration
  • Property Tracking Electronic Device & Bike Registration
  • SOS Attendance
  • Student Accounts
  • Student Polling (for student government and honorary offices)
  • Test Accommodations (if applicable)

Home Access Center Help

Use your Home Access Center (HAC) user name and password for both Home Access Center and ETHS Home Applications.
Guardians who need assistance, please contact the Home Access Center Help Desk at 847-424-7121 or email homeaccesscenter@eths.k12.il.us.
Students needing assistance can stop by the Bacon Computer Center.

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