Research & Survey Approval

  • Evanston Township High School District 202 encourages research that provides a basis for improving school processes and student learning within the district as well as research that contributes to the field of education in the areas of theory and practice. While the district encourages educational research, the need for research and the collection of information is always balanced against the district’s objectives.

    Approval Process

    Per Board policy, surveys and research conducted within the district require prior review and written approval from the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment. This includes surveys and research carried out by district employees, departments, or committees. A written proposal meeting the specified guidelines must be submitted to Research, Evaluation, and Assessment for review.

    Submitters may be asked to answer questions about the proposal or to make modifications prior to approval or denial of the request. Research projects must support the school district goals and objectives in order to be approved. Research projects must meet district policy or state and federal laws or regulations. Surveys or research must not take place unless the individual or organization that wishes to conduct the survey or research can demonstrate prior written approval from the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment. 

    Approval Review Period

    The timeline for approval varies with each proposal. For a given school year, research requests will be reviewed through December 31st. After December 31st, all requests will be considered for the following school year.

    Student Participation

    When prior parent/guardian consent is required for student participation, no student may be allowed to participate in a survey or research project without documentation of consent.


  • Director of Research, Evaluation & Assessment
    Carrie Levy
    (847) 424-7171
    Office Location N108 Building Map

Office Hours

  • Regular Summer
    Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm 8:00am-4:30pm
    Friday 8:00am-4:00pm Closed