About History & Social Sciences

  • The study of history and the social sciences is essential to preserving human dignity, justice and democracy. Department courses encourage students to be introduced to human cultures through an understanding of the universal concerns among people who differ in many respects. The varied course selections and graduation requirements reflect these goals. The diversity of the ETHS student body is a unique asset for teaching about the human community. Through a variety of teaching styles and techniques, students are given opportunities to exchange ideas, and to learn the facts, concepts and skills necessary to become effective citizens. These skills are formally evaluated in both English and History classes.


    The standards the History and Social Science Department address in our courses include:

    • Politics and Government - Students will describe and explain responsibilities of citizens and analyze the roles and influences of individuals and interest groups in the political systems of Illinois and the United States. Students will understand the basic principles of government structures and functions of the political systems of Illinois, the United States, and other nations.
    • History - Students will understand and analyze events, trends, individuals, and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States, and other nations.
    • Geography - Students will locate, describe, and explain places, regions, and features of the earth using geographic terms, methods, and representation.
    • Culture - Students will identify and compare characteristics of culture as reflected in language, literature, the arts, tradition, and history.
    • Civility - Students will demonstrate knowledge and use of appropriate civil behavior and understand how it impacts the balance of rights and responsibilities in our society.
    • Economics - Students will develop skills to become powerful, knowledgeable, and active participants in the economy. Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic economic concepts and terms, characteristics of different economic systems, government’s role/influence in the economy, and trade and international economies.


    Four (4) History/Social Science credits are required. All freshmen take 1 Humanities History. Juniors take U.S. History. Students must take and pass the Constitution test. Two (2) Civics credits are required and must be taken in the sophomore year. Students must take and pass the Constitution test.

    Visit the graduation requirements page for complete details.


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