• Once each semester, ETHS devotes time for students and their parents/guardians to meet with teachers and counselors to discuss their learning experiences. Parents/guardians may also request individual conferences with teachers or a counselor anytime during the school year by contacting the appropriate department office.

    For Spring conferences, you must register to meet with individual teachers. Those conferences will be held on Thursday, February 16. During that time, it is our hope that you meet with teachers where your student is being most challenged and where a conversation is needed. We want the conversations with teachers and families to serve as a next layer of service where your student may need additional support.

    If the conference schedule does not meet your needs, you may call, email or schedule a separate conference with your student's teacher and/or counselor.

Conference Sign Up

  • ETHS uses an Online Conference Scheduling system.
    Conference sign-up will open on Monday, February 6, at 8:00am, to all families interested in attending conferences.
    Online registration ends at 3:00pm on the day before conferences begin.
    When you launch the online scheduling system, use your child's student ID number for both the student ID and password fields.
    Student ID: your child's Student ID number
    Student Password: your child's Student ID number
    For assistance with the online conference scheduling, contact the ETHS Help Desk at (847) 424-7121 on regular school days from 8:00am to 4:30pm.