Picture Days

  • Photo Dates:

    Class of 2021-Various, see below

    Class of 2022-TBD

    Class of 2023- Monday, September 21, 2020, Band Field @ corner of Lake/Dodge

    Students must come at their ASSIGNED time only. Students must wear a mask and practice appropriate social distancing while in line.

    TIME                                 LAST NAME

    9:00AM-9:30AM                Aar-Bens

    9:30AM-10:00AM              Ber-Coh

    10:00AM-10:30AM            Col-Edw

    10:30AM-11:00AM            Egu-Gor

    11:00AM-11:30AM            Gos-Imr

    11:30AM-12:00PM            Irb-Lav

    12:00PM-12:30PM             BREAK   

    12:30PM-1:00PM               Law-Mil

    1:00PM-1:30PM                 Mir-Ost

    1:30PM-2:00PM                 Owe-Ric

    2:00PM-2:30PM                 Ril-Sim

    2:30PM-3:00PM                 Sin-Val

    3:00PM-3:30PM                 Van-Zie




    Class of 2024-TBD


    Photos - Grades 9-11

    Evanston Township High School works with Stuart-Rodgers Photography to take individual and group photos of students for the yearbook. Picture days are scheduled by grade level. See the Picture Day calendar for dates and view the Picture Day Forms page to access the picture day order form and price list.

    Senior Photos

    Senior photo appointments are scheduled over the summer at the Stuart-Rodgers Evanston Studio (2504 Green Bay Road). In addition, Stuart-Rodgers schedules appointments for senior photos on four select dates over the summer at ETHS (see Picture Days calendar). After the last summer picture day session is held at ETHS, seniors must make an appointment to take their photos at a Stuart-Rodgers location. Seniors must take their photos by the deadline established by the Yearbook Advisor in order to appear in the yearbook. Visit the Stuart-Rodgers website for more information on scheduling senior photos.

    Important Notice: Yearbook Photos & Media Opt-Out

    Under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Illinois School Student Records Act (ISSRA) laws, if a student's name appears on the district's Media Opt-Out list, ETHS is not allowed to include any photos of that student or list the name of that student in the yearbook and other school publications (e.g., sports rosters, the graduation program), EVEN if the student takes a senior photo or a photo on picture day.

    A student's name is added to the Media Opt-Out list when a parent or guardian selects “NO” in the Media Category during online enrollment or while updating their child’s registration information in Home Access Center (HAC).

    A parent/guardian can view their child's media consent status or change this consent to "YES" at any time in Home Access Center. Visit https://www.eths.k12.il.us/Page/1110 for instructions on how to make a change in Home Access Center
    NOTE: Yearbook photos and names are published according to the media consent preferences listed in Home Access Center on or before November 30 of each school year. Consent must be changed to “YES” in the Media/Web/Publications category in Home Access Center by November 30 in order for a student's name and photo to appear in that year's yearbook, EVEN if the student takes a photo.

Picture Days