• R.E.P.S. - Raising Evanston Performance Standards

    How does anyone get better at anything? 

    Consistent, intentional, correct repetitions (REPS) of the same activity over and over again. 

    “You don’t practice until you do it right. You practice until you can’t do it wrong.”

    REPS provides opportunities for students to improve their sport-specific skills through maximum repetitions during 55-minute sessions of self-directed practice at ETHS on select holidays and weekends.

    Per IHSA bylaws, once students are at a session, activities must be student-led with no instruction or feedback by the supervisor. Outside of the sessions, a coach may provide information on ways to improve during this self-directed time.


  • ETHS Concussion Management Plan

    The following procedures are related to the Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries policy (Section 7: Students, 7:305) and have been developed to aid in insuring that concussed athletes are identified, treated and referred appropriately based on current knowledge and evidenced-based standards of care. This plan helps to ensure that all students receive appropriate care during the school day (including academic assistance if necessary) and are fully recovered prior to returning to physical activity.

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