About Fine Arts

  • The Fine Arts program at Evanston Township High School provides a wide variety of experiences for students in visual art, vocal music, band, orchestra, debate, and theatre. The Fine Arts curriculum provides all students with opportunities to explore the arts through presentation or performance. The department attempts to further the artistic development of every participant through aesthetic experiences based upon individual or group creativity and self-expression. The intention of Fine Arts courses is to instill a lifelong involvement in and appreciation of the arts.

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  • Standards
    ETHS standards for the visual and performing arts reflect a vision that all students should have access to challenging curriculum content, exhibit a high level of performance proficiency, and be prepared for the world of tomorrow. For the three disciplines of visual arts, music, and theatre/speech arts — each with its own body of knowledge and skills — the standards are organized into strands that are woven throughout all artistic experiences. The standards incorporate both traditional means of artistic expression and newer media, such as video and computer-generated art.

    Dual Credit

    Junior and senior students may dual enroll in both the ETHS class and the equivalent Oakton Community College (OCC) course and receive college credit. Through articulation agreements with Oakton, students will enroll with the community college and after successfully passing the ETHS class, will receive college credit for the course.

    Dual credit is currently offered in certain courses in the Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts, and Mathematics Departments. Contact Michelle Vazquez, Post-Secondary Counselor at 847-424-7163 for more information. To learn more, search the online Course Selection Guide for courses marked with the OCC symbol.


    All students must fulfill a total of three (3) credits of Fine Arts and Career & Technical Education (CTE): 1 in Fine Arts and 2 in CTE or 2 in Fine Arts and 1 in CTE. All courses in art, music, and speech arts satisfy the Fine Arts requirement. All CTE courses meet the CTE requirement. 1, 2, and 3 Video Production & Design, 1 Graphic Design, 2 Graphic Design, 3 Graphic Design, Metal Sculpture, and 1 Stagecraft fulfill Fine Arts or CTE credit. All Special Education computer courses meet the CTE requirement. Students must pass a Consumer Education course to graduate from ETHS. The CTE department offers several courses that fulfill this requirement. 

    Visit the graduation requirements page for complete details.


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