About English

  • The English Department invites students to explore the critical role language and literature play in the shaping of culture and the human experience. Department courses emphasize literature through reading, discussion, and written assignments. Both creative and expository writing skills are taught in every class.


    Courses in the English Department emphasize the following:

    • Reading - Students will read to comprehend a variety of texts using appropriate strategies.
    • Literature - Students will read, understand, interpret, and appreciate a variety of contemporary and classic works of literature and non-print texts that represent diverse cultures, eras, and perspectives.
    • Writing - Students will write to communicate for a variety of purposes and audiences.
    • Research - Students will use the Language Arts for inquiry and research to acquire, organize, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information.
    • Listening and Speaking - Students will listen actively and speak effectively in a variety of situations.

    Common Assessments

    • Freshman year (grade 9) - Assessments for Earned Honors Credit
    • Sophomore year (grade 10) – Literary analysis paper
    • Junior year (grade 11) – Research paper
    • Senior year (grade 12) – College essay


    • Freshman year (grade 9) – Elements of Civilization
    • Sophomore year (grade 10) – Diverse Cultural Perspectives
    • Junior year (grade 11) – American Experience
    • Senior year (grade 12) – Critical Studies Requirements


    Eight (8) credits are required. All freshmen take 1 Humanities English. Senior Studies and senior English courses count toward this requirement.  (Note: all senior English courses are now year-long)

    Visit the graduation requirements page for complete details.


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