About Physical & Wellness Education

  • The mission of the Physical & Wellness Education Department is to educate, encourage, inspire, and motivate students to gain a deeper knowledge of, and appreciation for, physical activity and wellness as life-long endeavors.


    All Physical Education (PE) courses are comprehensive academic courses that include, but are not limited to, functional fitness, various sports/adventure activities, physical activity and food education. Students will use skills related to reading, math, history, science, neuroscience, and kinesiology. Homework and written classwork are included in all PE classes. All students will participate in required fitness assessments twice a year.


    Swimming is an integral part of the Physical Education program. A vital goal of the Physical & Wellness Education Department is to ensure that all students are water safe before they graduate from ETHS.  All students are required to have a swimsuit.  ETHS does not sell swimsuits.  


    Students must complete seven (7) credits in Physical Education and one (1) credit in Wellness Education in order to graduate from ETHS. Students are required to take one physical education course per semester. Sophomores are required to take one semester of Physical Education and one semester of Wellness Education. It is expected that students take physical education courses in sequence. Year-level substitutions are not permitted without department approval.

    Visit the graduation requirements page for complete details.



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