Student Government

  • Student government is a group of non-elected students from all grade levels that work hand in hand with elected officials. Student Council is comprised of a Freshman Class Board, Sophomore Class Board, Junior Class Board, and Senior Class Board. The Student Council President, Vice President, and Student Representative to the School Board are leaders of Student Council in its entirety and class elected officials (consisting of a Class President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Senate) are leaders of their respective Class Boards. The Class Boards break out in their own class sub-groups for class specific events and projects.
    Student Council runs all-school events such as Homecoming, Frosh/Soph Formal, Prom, Candy Grams, Data-Match, and all governmental affairs for ETHS.
    Who can run for office?

    Any student who is interested in making a positive difference in their class and at ETHS is encouraged to run for office. Elected officials have greater responsibilities and time commitments than general members. Elections for the Sophomore-Senior classes are held in the spring prior to your reigning year. Freshman elections are held in September.

    Class Board

    The Class Board is a group of students representing their class in government and spirit, there is a Class Board for each grade level: 9, 10, 11 and 12. Each Class Board is run by their class elected officials: President, Vice-President Treasurer, Secretary and Senate. Each Class Board will be in charge of a large school event (Prom, Homecoming, Frosh/Soph Formal, etc.), a class community service project, school and class initiatives of their choosing as well as be the voice and link to the administration for their class. There are teacher sponsors for each class board.

    Elected Positions


    Looking for a student that presides over Student Council meetings, and is also is interested and able to be the main voice for his or her class. This student needs to be a natural leader both in the classroom and in their clubs and activities. We are looking for a dynamic person that wants to promote positive change and help their class be the best they can be.


    The Vice-President assists the President in being a leader for their class and needs to be able to reach out to all different groups of students within their grade level. The VP also presides over meetings in the Presidents' absence.


    The Treasurer will be in charge of all fundraisers, budgeting, and accounting for their class events. This person needs to be trustworthy, good with numbers, good with Microsoft Excel and have general problem solving skills.


    We are seeking detail-oriented students that are organized and will help their class officials stay on task and on time. If you are interested in being a part of student government but want a slightly more “behind the scenes” leadership role, this is the job for you.


    A group of politically driven students who represent their class and student voice among adult leaders in the building.

    Executive Positions

    Freshman Class President: TBD
    Sophomore Class-President: Grace Tabet
    Junior Class President:  Michael Colton
    Senior Class President:  Alex Moore
    Student Representative to the School Board: Honor Allen

    The Student Rep is the main link between the student body and the administration. Student Rep takes the student voice and presents it to the appropriate people in the administration and attends all District 202 Board of Education meetings. The Student Rep also serves on the executive board of Student Council.

    Sign-up in the Student Success Center - The Hub

    This council has weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings at 7:30am in the Student Success Center - The Hub. We encourage all students that have new ideas for the school to be a part of this group. The Student Council Presidents will be the leaders of the Student Council in its entirety and class elected officials will be the leaders of their respective Class Boards that will break out in their own class sub-groups for various class specific events and projects. There will be Teacher Sponsors for each Class Board.

    Don't want to run for office but still want to be involved? 

    Join your class board and be a general member of the ETHS Student Council! Anyone can join their class board to help with their class initiatives.

Freshmen Class Board

  • Petitions available in the Student Activities Office in the Hub (W220)

    Campaign Week: TBD

    Elections: TBD

    Sponsor:  Ms. Siliunas

Sophomore Class Board

  • President: Grace Tabet

    Vice President: Lucille Shapiro

    Treasurer: Dennis Melondes

    Secretary: Peyton Vannatta

    Senators: Phoebe Liccardo 

                     Joshua Peng
    Sponsor:  Ms. Cooper

Junior Class Board

  • President: Michael Colton

    Vice President: Caroline Christensen

    Treasurer: Max Newman

    Secretary: Kit Murphy

    Senators:Nadav Schoenber

                    Ben Silverman 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sponsor:  Ms. Sobel

Senior Class Board

  • President: Alex Moore 

    Vice President: Katie Purcell

    Treasurer: Christine Hamil

    Secretary: Jaydyn Perrin

    Senators: Maggie Stone
                     Nadia Goldberg 

    Sponsor:  Ms. Ithier