Attendance (Student Absences)

  • Student absences:

    • Students should remain home if they are ill or have any of the below symptoms, and parents/guardians will call in their absence  
    • The following symptoms require absence from in-person classes: active vomiting or diarrhea, fever/chills/generalized body aches, undiagnosed, new, and/or untreated rash or skin condition (i.e. generalized hives, wound with green/yellowish drainage, etc.), doctor's note requiring an individualized plan of care to stay home, any COVID-19 symptoms, if diagnosed with COVID-19, with or without symptoms.


    Students who need to leave ETHS early:

    • NOTE:  Students will not be allowed to re-enter ETHS after having left early, and are expected to engage in e-learning as soon as possible that same day. 


    See Attendance Procedures and Reporting an Illness for additional information.