How to Report Student Absences

  • To report a partial day or full-day student absence, call the Student Attendance Line at (847) 424-7800 (English or Spanish). The Student Attendance Line is available twenty-four (24) hours a day to receive messages regarding attendance. This notification does not automatically excuse the absence (see Attendance Guidelines for rules on Absences and Tardies).

    • All full-day absences must be received by 10:00pm the following day.
    • Phone calls regarding late arrivals and early dismissals must be received the same day prior to the student arriving late or leaving early. If a student will be arriving late or leaving early, review the procedures for leaving early/arriving late.

    When calling in, the parent/guardian must state:

    • The student’s name and ID number 
    • The date(s) of the absence and time to be missed 
    • Reason for the absence
    • Parent/guardian name 
    • Their relationship to the student 

    To excuse a student in a language other than English or Spanish, call the Minority Languages Office at 847-424-7166. Para excusar a un estudiante en un idioma diferente del inglés o español, llamen a la Oficina de Idiomas Minoritarios al 847-424-7166.

    ETHS will not accept notes unless a parent/guardian has shown your grade-level dean that there is no telephone in the household.


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