About Textbooks & Technology

  • Textbooks

    Students will receive textbooks for all courses in which they are registered. Books are distributed in classes and should be returned to the Book Distribution Center (S112). An annual fee is collected at registration. Damaged or lost textbooks must be paid for before replacement books are issued. Replacement books purchased privately are not an acceptable form of payment.

    Chromebooks - 1:1 Digital Learning

    Students entering grade 9 will receive Chromebook laptops. District 202-issued Chromebooks are distributed at freshman orientation, and through the ChromeZone during the first week of school. Each student incurs a technology fee as part their annual student fee to support the cost of the device. Student families will own their issued Chromebook after four (4) years of paying the annual fee. Tech support and repairs are available in the ChromeZone, located in the Media Center, H220. Damaged or lost Chromebooks must be paid for before replacement Chromebooks are issued. Insurance is available for purchase online via the Web Store and in person at Student Accounts (H110). Replacement Chromebooks purchased privately are not an acceptable form of payment. Visit the 1:1 Digital Learning page for complete details.

    Libraries, Computer Labs & Media Centers

    The libraries and media centers at ETHS provide students with a variety of resources, such as books and reference materials, audio/visual resources, computers and printers. The following libraries and media centers are available during the regular school year:

    • Media Center - provides students with access to 60 Mac computers, audio visual equipment, and multimedia support for class assignments. Students must schedule project time with Media Center staff in advance.
    • South Technology Center (STC) - contains more than 200 PC computers. Students can complete class work or print out class assignments according to BCC guidelines.
    • Central Library - research and non-fiction collection; 34 PC computers.
    • East Library - fiction collection, short stories, Spanish language materials, and the ETHS Author’s Bookshelf; 40 PC computers.

    Visit the Libraries & Media Services page for detailed information and online resources.