Collecting and Returning Items

  • ETHS is sharing a plan for grade 12 students to return school items by May 13, 2021. Only grade 12 students will follow this plan. ETHS will share a plan for students in grades 8-11 at a later date. 

    Please review the steps below, which will provide a safe, careful way for Grade 12 students to return school property to ETHS.


    General Plan for Item Pick-up and Return

    • Staff will send a schedule to Day School and Transition House students to drop off items.
    • Grade 12 students are able to return items between May 10-13, according to the following schedule:
      • Monday, May 10
        • 8:30-9:30am--Students with last names Aaro-Clay
        • 9:30-10:30am--Students with last names Coas-Glom
        • 10:30-11:30am--Students with last names Godf-Kour
        • 12:30-1:30pm--Students with last names Kras-News
        • 1:30-2:30pm--Students with last names Nguy-Siev
        • 2:30-3:30pm--Students with last names Sila-Zuge
      • Tuesday, May 11
        • 4:00-6:00pm--Students with last names A-L
      • Wednesday, May 12
        • 4:00-6:00pm--Students with last names M-Z
      • Thursday, May 13
        • 4:00-6:00pm--Students with last names A-Z
    • Students will enter ETHS for item drop off at Entrance 2 along Wildkit Drive.
    • Students are expected to come to the building one time for the drop-off. The schedule for the week of May 10-13 is designed to accommodate scheduling conflicts due to AP exams, job requirements, or other unavoidable challenges. Please plan carefully as ETHS will strictly follow this process to mitigate the health risks to all students and staff on campus each scheduled day.  
    • Restrooms will not be available for student use as they drop off materials.
    • ETHS will minimize the number of people who have access to the ETHS building. ETHS will provide specific instructions to students who need special accommodations. 
    • Students should bring any items from home that are school property and must be returned to ETHS. Check-in stations will be set up in the Entrance lobbies for returning items.
    • Staff will be on site to direct students.
    • Students should be prepared to wait in line outside of ETHS.  Please be aware of the weather conditions and bring water, apply sunscreen, etc. as needed. 


    Step 1: Arrival at ETHS 

    • Students must complete the COVID-19 self-certification prior to arriving on campus to return materials.
    • Students must bring their mobile ID.
    • For everyone’s health and safety, students must wear a face covering while on the school campus.
    • All students must practice physical distancing (6 feet apart from others) while at the school. ETHS will limit the number of students entering the building at any given time.
    • The ETHS parking lots will be open for students who are driving to the school, or who will be dropped off. Students may park in any lot.
    • The bicycle compound will be open for students biking to school.



    Step 2: Confirmation and receipt

    • Students should bring ALL school property from home on their assigned day and time. Items include but are not limited to textbooks, school library books, calculators, heart rate monitors, loaner devices, mobile hotspots, and all keys that may have been issued.  Any item that is ETHS property can be returned during the student’s designated time. Items other than textbooks should be individually bagged and clearly labeled using the property return form with to whom the item is being returned and the name of the student returning the item.
    • Each student will receive a digital receipt for all textbooks returned. The receipt will be sent by email at the end of the assigned day.
    • Students will not receive their diploma until all school property is returned and all fees are paid.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Can I make a fee payment on my assigned day?
      • Yes, check your myETHS account for student account balances. 
      • Students in grade 12 cannot pay by check. ETHS will accept cash or credit card payments only.
    • Can I return items before May 10th or at a time outside of the announced schedule?
      • Yes, items can be returned to bins at ETHS Entrance 2 at any time, however, staff will not be available for fee payments or textbook return scanning if items are returned outside of the announced schedule. 
      • Students attending in-person instruction can return items during their assigned cohort time for in-person instruction.
        • Return department items to teachers during the class period.
        • Return textbooks to bins placed at Entrances 1 and 2 and the Book Distribution Center, S112.
        • Return chromebooks, mobile hotspots, and other technology to tables placed outside of the ChromeZone, H220.
        • Return other items to bins in the Entrance 2 lobby.
    • What if I miss my assigned time or if I forget items at home that need to be returned to the school?
      • Please return items to ETHS during one of the evening sessions on May 11-13.
      • Items can be returned to bins at ETHS Entrance 2 at any time, however, staff will not be available for fee payments or textbook return scanning if items are returned outside of the announced schedule. 
      • Due to the limited number of people permitted on campus, students will not have “come and go” privileges.
    • What if I left an item in a classroom?
      • Students may not enter classrooms.  Please contact the teacher to make arrangements for the item(s) to be returned.
    • Can I donate school items that I do not wish to keep?
      • Yes, certain items can be donated to ETHS. There will be designated areas to collect these items.
      • There will be a drop-off location for seniors who do not wish to keep their Chromebook and want to donate it to ETHS. (Grade 12 students will receive an email about “unlocking” their Chromebook device and how to migrate all email and Google Drive docs out of their ETHS account.)
      • Students may donate school-issued PE locks and heart rate bands.