Mental Health Services

  • ETHS mental health staff (social workers, psychologists, and counselors) are committed to continuing providing mental health services during remote or hybrid learning.  To comply with social distancing guidelines, all counseling services will continue to  be provided remotely, even during in-person or hybrid learning. These services include:

      • Group and individual mental health services, as well as support groups, will be provided.
      • Consultation regarding student needs, with mental health staff, is available to all parents/guardians. 
      • Parental/guardian consent for social work services will continue to be obtained by or before 8 sessions. 
      • Social emotional learning specific to COVID-19, coping, and emotion management, continues to be embedded throughout classes for all students
      • Wellbeing supports and surveys for students and staff continue to be developed and implemented throughout the year.
      • Mental health training and supports for parents and staff are offered throughout the year.
      • Navigating the Emotional Landscape of COVID-19 will continue to include resources for students, families and staff, including community resources, hotlines, self-care, coping, and executive functioning

    How can students and families request counseling services for students?

    Parents/guardians who would like to inquire about ETHS counseling services can call our Social Work Office at 847-424-7230 or call their school social worker directly.  Additionally, our mental health staff can also make referrals to outside community agencies, depending on the need of the student and family. 

     If my child needs crisis counseling, while in the building, what will this look like? 

    Students will be escorted to our Mental Health Annex (W125) where one of our mental health staff (a counselor, psychologist, or social worker) will meet them there to assess.  Depending on the situation, you may have to pick up your child for further evaluation.  Our staff will contact you to pick up your child as soon as possible.  It is important that you provide the school with current phone numbers for yourself and those you have designated as emergency contacts.  We realize that in certain circumstances you may not be able to pick up your child immediately; therefore, it is imperative that you arrange for other individuals to do so in case you are unavailable or allow your child to walk home, if safe.     

    If my child needs crisis counseling, while learning remotely, what will this look like?

    Our mental health staff have provided crises assessments and counseling remotely to students throughout remote learning and will continue to do so.   Staff will reach out to parents/guardians to ensure the physical safety of our students.  

    My child has an IEP and social work services as a related service.  Will this change in an in-person hybrid model? 

    No.  Services will continue to be provided to your child remotely, as they have been provided this school year.  Any changes to the schedule, will be communicated by your child’s school social worker. 

    My child uses a safe pass during the regular school year.  Will this continue in an in-person hybrid model?

    Students with safe passes may only use their safe pass in an emergency situation.  Due to safety precautions, we are limiting movement around the school.  Students and families should consider this in their decision to come into the building.  We cannot accommodate students needing a quiet place to decompress on a regular basis, due to the COVID-19 safety guidelines we’re putting in place.