Filming & Photography Requests

  • Evanston Township High School is a desirable setting for various kinds of commercial filming, videography and photography projects. Many considerations including liability, student privacy, district/school brand and reputation, and insurance must be reviewed by district administrators before a film request can be approved.

    All requests by individuals or organizations who wish to film, videotape, or photograph projects for either commercial or not-for-profit purposes including college student film and photography projects should be routed to the Communications Office for approval. In addition, ETHS staff members who wish to hire external vendors to produce videos or take photos must route these requests to the Communications Office. 

    The following information should be emailed to the ETHS Communications Office ( before any film, video or photography project begins and before a facility use request form is submitted.

    • Name of film/video or photography project
    • Name of organization, individual, or production company producing the project
    • Script/storyboard for the project, noting scenes and specific spaces to be videotaped or photographed at ETHS
    • Number of actors, extras or models involved in the project (Note: ETHS students may not be used as actors, extras, or models for projects filmed or photographed on campus unless the project is produced solely on behalf of ETHS)
    • Date(s) and approximate length of time for the proposed shoot, including alternate dates (NOTE: Requests to film or photograph during the school day when school is in session will not be approved unless the project is produced solely on behalf of ETHS)
    • Confirmation of insurance and budget
    • Size of production crew
    • Power requirements (for example, use of generators or other equipment)

    Once the request is received by email, the Communications Office will work with district administrators who will consider the proposed timeline and its potential impact on school events and programs, potential cost and/or risks to the district, and other factors to determine if the request can be approved. Additional information may be required. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days to process filming and photography requests. 

    Once a request to film or photograph is approved, the requestor will be notified by the ETHS Events Coordinator and may proceed with setting up a site visit and completing Steps 5-8 of the rental request process. If a request is not approved for any reason, the requestor will receive notification by email. No individual or organization may use ETHS District 202 facilities for a film or photography project without prior approval from the Communications Office.