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ETHS students recognized by Kiwanis Club

November 8. 2019  4:30pm CT


ETHS teachers and students at the Kiwanis Club of Evanston (from left): Kayla Torres, Nichole Boyd (Student Activities), Amanda Flowers, Katherine Rosemond (Student Activities), Vianet Mendoza, Denise Clarke (Student Activities), and Jazmine Morrow. 


Four students from Evanston Township High School were recently recognized for their leadership and involvement in the Wildkit community by the Kiwanis Club of Evanston. Amanda Flowers, Vianet Mendoza, Jazmine Morrow, and Kayla Torres each received the Ted Van Zelst Award.


Flowers, Mendoza, and Torres were praised for their enthusiasm participating in many school activities such as decorating for pep rally, selling tickets to the Homecoming Dance, and more. Morrow was recognized for being a standout student and contributor to the school’s community.


The Kiwanis Club has recognized hundreds of students in the areas of arts, athletics, and community service. The Ted Van Zelst Award was named for a prominent Evanston businessman, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Each student received a certificate of achievement, a book on leadership, and a gift card.