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Evanston Township High School’s eSports Team Wins National Championship

December 18, 2020  1:30pm CT


The ETHS eSports Overwatch team took home the High School ESports League (HSEL) Fall Major Championship this week. The players on the team are Vince Martinez, Simon Perez, Andrew Haab, Nick Hurst, Sam Reber and Royin Suwanratanabus


This ETHS team competed in HSEL’s national competition involving the fantasy game Overwatch, where two teams of six go head to head and fight over various map locations in the game-- from a futuristic African city to a research station on the moon-- in an attempt to gain control of these areas and claim victory.


With their championship win, each ETHS student received a $1000 scholarship. For more information about the tournament, visit the HSEL website.