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National Merit Program recognizes ETHS students

Oct 19, 2018  3:33pm CT


The National Merit Scholarship Company (NMSC) annually recognizes U.S. high school students who demonstrate definitive marks of academic excellence. In addition to the ETHS students who were named 2019 semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship program this fall, 33 seniors have been named Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship competition.


The following ETHS students have been recognized for the 2018-19 school year:


Zephyr Balch, Max Baliga, Thomas Barbato, Michaela Brooke, Isabella Buitrago, Polina Cherepanova, Anna Clemson, Elena Deamant, Tess Dinerstein, Michael Frim, Matthew Grant-Bolton, Elliot Hanson, Mollie Hartenstein, Elias Henke, Erin Kim, Nikesh Mehrotra, Dennis Melonides, Isabella Miller, Julian O’Carroll, Joshua Peng, Emma Ringstad, Michael Schroeder, Katherine Sherman, Tabbytha Spyrison, Luke Stover, Anna Termolen, Benjamin Timmins, Owen Travis, Peyton Vannatta, Nicola Walker, Kyra Wernick, Joseph Whitcomb, and Audrey Wientjes.


About 1.5 million students entered the NMSC competitions by taking the 2017 PSAT/NMSQT. For more information about the NMSC programs, visit