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ETHS announces winners in Geometry Bridge Building contest

Dec 21, 2018  3:00pm CT


ETHS Bridge Builders 2018

ETHS bridge-building winners (from left) include: Ellie Stein, Sonja Wagner, and Avery Cummins. Not pictured: Hanus Symersky.


The Evanston Township High School Math Department held its 39th annual ETHS Bridge Building and Breaking Contest in December 2018. The winner of this year’s competition is Hanus Symersky with a bridge that held 6.7 kilograms. Symersky is a student in Jacob Mills’s class.


The bridge building contest allows students to apply the math and science lessons from their classes to a hands-on project. Students design and construct small straw bridges which are weighed, tested and scored by efficiency.


Other top bridge builders include:

  • 2nd place: Ellie Stein (6.6 kilograms; Sarah Gersowsky’s class)
  • 3rd place: Sonja Wagner (6.1 kilograms; Blaire Rose & Bryan Millington’s class)
  • 4th place: Avery Cummins (5.2 kilograms; Maryjoy Heineman and Matthew Kaiser’s class)