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Wildkit Ensemble Premiering “What the World Needs Now” on Nov. 26

November 24, 2020  3:45pm CT


A virtual performance by Evanston Township High School’s Wildkit Ensemble, “What the World Needs Now,” premieres this Thursday, November 26 at 2:00pm on the ETHS YouTube channel. 


The performance centers on the story of a young hero who time travels to save his friends from a monster that is threatening to destroy the city. The monster thrives off of the people being unkind to one another. Team W.E. (Wildkit Ensemble) decides to work together and use their “super-powers” to defeat the monster with the hope of transforming the hearts and minds of the people through song and empathy.


"What the World Needs Now" is written, narrated, and performed by Wildkit Ensemble. Wildkit Ensemble provides opportunities for students of all abilities to work collaboratively as a group to create music and theatre. W.E. uses their platform of performance in the arts to raise disability awareness, serve as advocates for change and equity in our school and community, and create long-standing friendship.


The event is hosted by the ETHS Fine Arts Department.