About Community Service

  • The Community Service Department is a resource center dedicated to providing meaningful service learning experiences to ETHS students. We provide students with personal, one-on-one assistance in identifying service and leadership opportunities in the community as well as within ETHS that suit student schedules, personal goals, skill sets, and interests.

    Students can find service opportunities through:

    • Volunteer Opportunities Weekly Bulletin (paper copies in the Hub)
    • Postings in the Community Service Office (The Hub - W220)
    • Weekly Volunteer Opportunities Bulletin emails
    • Volunteer Fairs (Held at the beginning of each semester)
    • Community Service Club meetings (first Tuesday of each month)
    • Teachers, coaches, friends and family members
    • Personal meetings with our Community Service staff members

    Service Matters

    Meaningful service benefits our community as well as our students. While providing a valuable resource to community organizations, service gives students real life experience. Many college, scholarship, and employment applications ask students to write about their volunteer experiences or their community involvement because it is understood that such experiences are significant to the development of young people. Additionally, Freshman, Sophomore and National Honor Societies as well as some ETHS classes require community service. Students who are interested in joining the student-organized Community Service Club at ETHS may visit the website at https://sites.google.com/eths202.org/communityserviceclub/home


    Want to submit completed service hours?

    Go to "Forms & Resources" on the left and click "Service Verification Sheet"



Office Hours

  •   Regular Summer
    Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm  
    Friday 8:00am-4:00pm Closed