Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do Service?

    Everyone has their own reasons for doing service. Service strengthens and grows our community. Through service, we learn and sharpen our talents and skills, explore new interests, and learn more about ourselves and our local communities.


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  • What Counts as Service?

    Service is work that is done voluntary (unpaid) for the benefit of others through a local organization. There are four types of service: 

        • Direct – such as working one-on-one as a tutor
        • Indirect – such as fundraising for a cause or organizing a food pantry
        • Awareness—such as educating preschool students about recycling
        • Advocacy—such as writing letters to local government official on behalf of an issue


    All types of service count!

    ETHS (as a publicly funded organization) does not give service credit for volunteer work that is religious in nature (religion classes, religious services, etc.) or that supports a particular political candidate or party. We recognize that these may be worthwhile experiences, but they don’t count as service at ETHS.

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  • Is Service Required for Graduation?

    There is no community service requirement for graduation at ETHS, but there are a number of courses and activities, such as National Honor Society, that do require students to volunteer for a certain number of hours.

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  • Where Can I Find My Service Account or Service Transcript?

    The service transcript will be an important record to reference as you apply to jobs, scholarships, college, and more.

    Your service account/Transcript is located in myETHS.

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  • Can I Get My Family and Friends Involved?

    Definitely! Service with others is a wonderful way to build team unity and have fun. Check with a local organization if they accept large groups or would be willing to take on more than one volunteer.

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  • How Do I Get Involved in Service?

    Reach out to Community Service Office to get have a one-on-one meeting, brainstorm a project or new community partnership and more! Opportunities are in-person, remote, and virtual!

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    Click to Get InvolvedSubmit Service Hours and View Your Transcript

    More info on the ETHS Community Service Google Site

    Ask your friends, family, coaches, places of worship for ideas too!

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  • How Do I Track or Log My Service Hours?

    While our office is closed during remote learning, you can still track or log your service hours virtually! See this page for more infromation:

     Submit Service Hours

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