ETHS ID Card Information

  • Evanston Township High School issues a photo identification card (ID) to each student and employee. The ID card serves as proof of status with ETHS and provides access to many campus resources such as cafeterias and school meal payment, use of libraries and media centers, access to The Hub and study centers, as well as providing basic access to the school building and certain school events. The ID Center issues all ETHS ID cards to students and employees. Students and staff are expected to have their current, valid ETHS IDs at all times on campus and at school sponsored events.

    Student ID options

    Students can use either their ID card or access their “myID” on a mobile device for entering the building, accessing spaces within the building, paying for their school meals, and for gaining access to school events that require IDs, such as dances. Students must show either their ID card (original plastic card or temporary paper card), or their mobile ID to any adult staff member who asks for it. Students must bring their physical ID card to enter standardized testing and exams - mobile IDs will not be allowed.

    Students can use their Chromebook or mobile device to access their virtual "myID" in their myETHS account, which includes the student name, photo, ID number, and barcode. Students can display their myID on a mobile device, or print their myID using their Chromebooks and KitPrint stations located throughout the school.

    Replacing a Missing or Damaged ETHS ID Card

    The fee for replacing a missing or lost card is $5. If the card no longer works due to normal wear and tear it can be turned in and replaced at no charge. (Please note that an expired or damaged card must be turned in for the fee to be waived). A cardholder can obtain a replacement ETHS ID card by, 1) paying a $5 replacement fee at Student Accounts (H110); and, 2) bringing the receipt to the ID Center in W103 during normal office hours, where the new card will be processed. Students may request a temporary printed ID card at no cost, valid for one day only, in the ID Center during normal office hours.


    ETHS requires students to have an ID photo on file as a part of the student record.The ID holder is responsible for the care and safekeeping of their ETHS ID. Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery of an ETHS employee ID card, student ID card, or student mobile ID constitutes a violation of District policy and may result in disciplinary action. In addition, fraudulent or illegal use of an ETHS student or employee ID may result in criminal charges and/or civil proceedings.


  • Questions About Student IDs
    ID Center
    Room W103
    (847) 424-7316
    ID Center Specialist
    Denise Johnson

    Technical Support for myID or KitPrint 
    South Technology Center
    Room S220
    (847) 424-7330

ID Center Hours

  • Regular School Year
    Monday - Friday

    Summer Hours
    Monday - Thursday
    (Closed Fridays)