Clubs & Activities

Club/Activity Meeting Day(s) Meeting Time Meeting Room Sponsor Name(s) Contact Description Website
All About Games The Hub (W220) Nichole Boyd 7949
Ambassadors A252 Alicia Hart, Cindy Curtis 7047, 7155
Anime (Japanese Animation) S320 John Morton
Art History Club Friday 8:00-8:30am A136 Daria McMeans 7131
Asian American Heritage Alliance (AAHA) Takumi Iseda 7598
Athletics Varies Varies Contact Athletics Chris Livatino 7370
Athletics Training Student Aide Training Room Lucy Lipton 7373
Beauty Club The Hub (W220) Alicia White 7095
Black History Month Alana Amaker 7924
Book Buddies
Books "R" Us Book Club East Library - Reading Room Traci Brown-Powell 7350
BSU (Black Student Union)
Cartoon Club The Hub (W220) Nichole Boyd 7949
Ceramics Club A134 Gina Coleman, Marla Seibold 7661, 7824
Chess Club/Team** Keith Holzmueller, Tom Doan 7949
Chinese Culture Club
Choral Music** A116 Mary Theresa Reed 7857
ChromeSquad H220 Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim, Mina Marien 7127, 7056
Community Service Club The Hub (W220) Mary Collins 7662
Cooking Club Culinary Studio Sharon Slack 7676
DECA**(Distributive Education Clubs of America) A335 Dave Feely, Chris Manila, Jennifer Weber 7669,7641,7667
Emerge Leadership Development Program The Hub (W220) Mary Collins 7662
E-Squad Step Team East Cafeteria Michelle Lyle, Djuwanna Frazier 7010, 7010
ETHS Business Club N312 Christopher Manila 7641
ETHS Dance Company (ESANDE) Dance Studio Jennifer Foss 7239
ETHS Filmmakers Club H120 - The TV Center James Zoccoli, Darlene Gordon 7510, 7667
ETHS Travel Club W105 Sunsahrae Brewer, Ganae McAlpin 7281, 7996
E-Town Idol Planning Carlton Rosemond 7946
E-Town Tuners (Automotive Club) Tom Sprengelmeyer 7595
Evanstonian S103 Patricia Delacruz 7445
Family Career and Consumer Leaders of America (FCCLA)** A170 Kimberly Marks 7676
Fencing Club G208-209 Clint Smith 7370
Field Hockey Club
Francophone Culture Club TBD TBD TBD
Freshman Class Board TBD TBD
Freshman/Sophomore Honor Society W312 Lisa Oberman 7401
Freshman/Sophomore Production** Little Theatre Anne Lefkovitz 7949
Future Educators Association TBD TBD
G.I.R.L.S. (Girls In Real Life Situations) Friday 4th, 5th, and 6th periods South Tech Center JoAnn Avery 7949
Girls Who Code 4th, 5th, and 6th periods ChromeZone Classroom (H220) Mina Marin, Aliaa Kamara-Ibrahim, Kristen Perkins 7056, 7971, 7406
Graphics Club A330 Bill Simos 7818
Green Team (Environmental) S322 Joel Weiner 7564
GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) E330 Bill Farmer, Adriane Slaton 7963, 7619
Hip Hop Dance Club
Instrumental Music** A109, A117 Charles Abplanalp, David Seifert 7854, 7853
Interact (Rotary) A338 Dave Feeley 7669
Interfaith Youth Core A242 Aaron Becker 7972
Investment Club A338 Dave Feeley, Joanne Bertsch 7669
Israel Club A241 Jodi Aperstein, Gil Sherman, Carol Friedman 7610, 7053, 7413
Japanese Tea Ceremony Club Michael Van Krey 7457
Junior Class Board N211 Alissa Sobel 7482
KEY (Yearbook) H206 Sara Williamson 7434
Latin Dance Club A331 Brian Stone 7667
Latinx QUEST S307 Estefanie Ithier 7754
Latinx Summit: Student Leadership Board Wednesday 3:45-4:30pm E115 Margarita Vizcarra 7068
Math Team** N209 Freshman N320 Sophomore N212A Juniors N328 Seniors Andrew Segall, Neva Curry, Richard Agin, Thomas Draganski, Glenford Gordon, Jodi Alperstein, John Mickelson 7609, 7639, 7443, 7628, 7618, 7610, 7639
Mock Trial** East Library Kevin Kappock 7949
Model U.N** W307 Jay Stanek, Melissa Costello 7749, 7744
MSAN (More Students Achieving Now) / N238 Aracely Canchola 7927
NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) E212 Tenesha Williams 7686
National Honor Society** A117 Charles Abplanalp 7854
National Society of Black Engineers W220 Ahmadou Drame 7165
Paper Clip S213 Evan Belgrade 7424
Peer Conference E118 Anna Landmeier; Lisa Roncone 7709; 7594
Photography Club A230 Elizabeth DuSold 7130
Planning Committee for Eating Disorder Awareness Week N201 Margaret Petrof 7629
Poetry Club W314 Charles Carra 7010
PomKits Athletic Wing Erika Cruz 7370
Random Acts of Kindness Anna Landmeier, Taryn Wanniger
Recording Club Every other Wednesday 3:40-4:30pm A109 Chris May Anyone interested in learning to use the recording studio or being recorded (musicians, rappers, bands, spoken word...).
Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society Thursday 8:00 - 8:27am S312 Sondra Morris 7418
S.O.A.R. (Student Organized Against Racism) S309 Corey Winchester 7755
SAME (South Asian Middle Eastern Alliance) S209 Anita Bucio, Ferzana Chavda, Angela Sangha-Gadsden 7602, 7185, 7769
Scholastic Bowl**
Sci Fi and Comics
Science Olympiad** N336 Ellen Fierer, Ashlee Miller-Berry 7644, 7396
Senior Class Board
Sewing Club A238 Shelley Gates 7670
Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers Junior Chapter (SHPEjr) W220 Michelle Vazquez 7163
Sophomore Class Board W220 Llyoandra Cooper 7095
Special Olympics Luis Vargas 7283
Speech and Debate Team N128 Jeff Hannan 7130
Stage Crew Upstairs Theatre Aaron Carney 7135
Student Council W124 Nichole Boyd
Student Union (formerly Student Senate) A233W Michael Pond 7041
Students Without Borders H120E Michelle Vazquez, Amy Moore,
Table Tennis Team (Ping Pong Club) North Cafeteria Kiril Mirintchev 7370
team ASAP (Team Access and Success in Advance Placement)
The Evanston Art Collective (TEA-C) Petra Maton 7949
Theater Companies / Stage Crews** Upstairs Theatre Tim Herbert , Aaron Carney 7346, 7135
TSA Teams (Technology Student Association) H315 Russell Kohnken, Mark Vondracek 7834, 7716
Ultimate Frisbee* Matt Moran 7370
Upstart Crows (ETHS Shakespeare Club) S214 Anne Lefkovitz 7949
Video Production Club H120F William Jenkins 7360
Wildkit Buddies Varies Leslie Wenzel
Women in STEM (Wi STEM) H310 Kristen Perkins 7406
World Wide Youth in Science and Engineering** H315 Russell Kohnken, Mark Vondracek 7523, 7716
Writers' Showcase W312 Lisa Oberman 7401
YAMO** Upstairs Theatre Tim Herbert 7346
Youth Tech Corp (YTC) H120 Charlie Killheffer 7949