Open House Information

  • For the 2021-22 school year, ETHS will take a new approach to the Open House experience, aligning with our efforts to humanize ETHS and rebuild community.


    School Day Open House: August 30, 2021 

    ETHS students will have a regular school day on August 30, 8:00am-2:07pm, and will follow the Wildkit Monday schedule. ETHS classrooms and building spaces are not open to visitors during the school day on Open House Day. 



    • Continue to acclimate students and staff to ETHS building after a year of being away
    • Help reduce anxiety about full, in-person instruction every school day
    • Support students and teachers in building their classroom communities



    • Dr. Witherspoon and Dr. Campbell will share a video message about the focus of the school year and set the tone for prioritizing student wellbeing during the 2021-22 school year.
    • Students will not invite family members to follow their schedules during the day. Rather, families will be introduced to their students’ teachers through slides, videos, or other formats which can be accessed at any time.
    • Parents/guardians will get to know who the teachers are, what they teach, and how the block schedule looks in their classrooms.


    Evening Open House: August 30, 2021

    The Evening Open House will be held on August 30, 6:30-8:00pm, supporting the goal of rebuilding community at ETHS. The staff caucuses at ETHS will host the Evening Open House in racial affinity spaces and the event will include an anti-racist working session with a facilitator. RSVPs are not required for the Evening Open House.



    • Acknowledge sense of loss experienced during past year; offer context for prioritizing social & emotional wellbeing
    • Support staff caucuses in rebuilding community within student and family racial affinity spaces
    • Serve as a resource to students and families for year-long transition to the school environment



    • The Black Caucus, Latinx Caucus, and Asian Middle Eastern Caucus will each hold space for any student, family member, or staff member who identifies within their racial affinity group.
    • Recognizing that the staff-formed caucuses do not represent all racial identities or multiracial identities, the affinity spaces are committed to being as inclusive as possible.
    • An anti-racist facilitator will hold space for any student, family member, or staff member who identifies as white.
    • Students and families will not visit individual classrooms but will be able to connect with staff in designated spaces at ETHS.


    Guidance & Expectations for Affinity Spaces:

    • Students, families, and staff are invited to participate in the affinity spaces hosted by the staff caucus groups. The Black Caucus, Latinx Caucus, and Asian Middle Eastern Caucus will each host sessions.
    • The purpose of gathering in the caucus groups is to create safe space where fears, pain, and hopes can be expressed without bystanders, so when we come together as a school community, it will be with greater self-awareness, less self-judgment, and stronger confidence.
    • Affinity spaces will be guided by the Four Agreements of Courageous Conversation - stay engaged, expect to experience discomfort, speak your truth, and expect and accept a lack of closure - as a foundation for engaging in the spaces.
    • Staff caucus groups will lead their own sessions.
    • The anti-racist working group will engage in a conversation about the ongoing equity work at ETHS.
  • The ETHS Evening Open House is open to parents/guardians/adult relatives of current ETHS students in grades 9-12. Younger siblings may attend the ETHS Evening Open House if accompanied by an adult. Please note that teachers and staff cannot provide personal conferences during the Evening Open House. 

  • PLEASE NOTE – All public events at ETHS may be photographed and filmed. By entering the premises, you agree and understand that your image may appear in photographs and/or film promoting Evanston Township High School.