Open House Day FAQs

  • Will ETHS parents, guardians, and family members be able to visit classrooms during the school day on Open House Day?
    Classroom and building spaces will not be open to visitors during Open House Day. This is in keeping with health protocols for our more than 4,000 students and staff members. We are limiting visitors at the start of the 2021-22 school year as students and staff adjust to efforts to keep our school community safe.

    ETHS is also supporting teachers to build their classroom communities in person, as they connect with students in the first weeks of the school year with minimal disruptions.


    How will ETHS families be able to find out about who their students’ teachers are, what they teach, and other information?
    ETHS teachers will send an introduction of themselves and the class during the school day. You will get to know who the teachers are, what they teach, and how the block schedule looks in their classrooms. Families will be introduced to their students’ teachers through slides, videos, or other formats that can be accessed at any time.


    Will ETHS families have other opportunities to get to know teachers, administrators, and staff?
    Yes. A wide range of events, programs, and activities are open to ETHS families and provide opportunities for meeting our staff. In addition, fall conferences are held on September 30 this year. Students are also encouraged to attend conferences with their parents/guardians.


    How does the ETHS Open House contribute to the needs of all students?
    Open House serves as a resource to students and families for a year-long transition to the school environment. The sessions invite critical reflection and offer a safe space for students, families, and staff to process thoughts, feelings, and experiences after more than a year of being apart. Similar to programs within the ETHS Social Consciousness Series, Open House Day will align with district goals to isolate race to further the adaptive work of disrupting anti-Black racism and creating a sense of belonging for every ETHS student.

    As educators build trust in safe spaces and in their classroom communities, students are empowered to interact with their classmates to create a positive school culture that supports the needs of a diverse student population.

    Why are there separate affinity spaces for Open House sessions?
    Open House Day 2021 supports the continued equity work of the district. The event offers context for prioritizing the social and emotional wellbeing of all students who are humanized in their racial identity. Recognizing a sense of loss experienced by students during the past year, ETHS is supporting staff caucuses in rebuilding community within students’ and their family’s racial affinity spaces. The Black Staff Caucus, the Latinx Staff Caucus, the Asian & Middle Eastern Staff Caucus, and the Anti-racist Session will create safe spaces for rebuilding community within their groups, so when we come together as a school community, it will be with stronger self-awareness, greater courage, and less self-judgment. 


    If I attend the Evening Open House (6:30-8:00pm), do I have to participate in a session?
    Participation in Open House is optional. Our hope is that students, families, and staff will make meaningful connections within the sessions. Since there is a brief time together, please attend with an open mind and an open heart. Remember that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable at times.


    What if I hold more than one racial identity?
    Acknowledging that ETHS does not currently have a multiracial staff caucus, Open House does not have a designated multiracial affinity space. If you hold more than one racial identity, you are welcome to participate in the session (or sessions) most closely aligned with your identity. 


    What if I am a parent/guardian who holds a different racial identity from my student?
    Whether the student is attending or not, each person is encouraged to attend the session that most closely aligns with your identity. Acknowledging that many families are blended, engage in the space that feels most comfortable for you.


    What can I expect from the anti-racist session?
    The Anti-racist Session is not just about white identity; it’s an opportunity to engage in anti-racist work in support of students and how to be anti-racist in our community. This session will engage participants on building the skills to rebuild community and take part in healthy interracial dialogue.