Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are ETHS Health Center staff ETHS employees?

    No. The health care professionals and staff in the ETHS Health Center are employed by NorthShore University HealthSystem.  

    Is the ETHS Health Center the Nurses Office?

    No.  The ETHS Health Center and the ETHS Nurses Office are different and separate entities.

    My child already has private insurance and a pediatrician.  Why would I register my child for the Health Center?

    The ETHS Health Center serves all ETHS students regardless of whether or not they already have a doctor, and regardless of whether or not your child is insured. The ETHS Health Center can serve as an added resource for health care, providing students with the opportunity to schedule appointments during the school day to manage chronic conditions or to see a doctor for a medical concern. The ETHS Health Center can also provide your child with access to services they might not otherwise receive with their pediatrician, including acupuncture, sports medicine, weight management, etc.

    Will my health insurance pay for services?

    Most visits are free, however the ETHS Health Center charges a small fee to patients for physical exams and immunizations.  If your student gets lab testing at the ETHS Health Center, then your health insurance will be billed by NorthShore University HealthSystem.

    Does the ETHS Health Center provide reproductive health services?

    The healthcare providers who work at the ETHS Health Center promote responsible decision-making around sexuality. Sexuality counseling and education, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, and STI screening are available to ALL ETHS students.  Pelvic exams and contraceptives are available to students registered for Health Center services.

    Does the ETHS Health Center provide STIs (sexually transmitted infections) testing and treatment?

    Free and confidential testing for STIs is available to all students all school year and during the summer at the ETHS Health Center, even if they are not registered for other ETHS Health Center services. In the state of Illinois, young people who are 12 to 17 years old can receive confidential pregnancy tests and STI screening and treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis without parental consent (see Consent by Minors Medical Procedures Act, 410 ILCS 210 Section 4). Students 18 years of age and over can consent to all medical services on their own.

    Will I have access to my child’s test results?

    Students' test results are confidential. Only your student and an ETHS Health Center healthcare provider will see your student’s test results. However, students are encouraged to involve parents/guardians in all aspects of their healthcare. No ETHS personnel have access to your student's Health Center medical information including test results, unless your student chooses to disclose this information.