Special Education: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my child’s accommodations and modifications going to be provided? 

    • Yes and will be adapted to the individual student needs when applicable to the remote, hybrid, and/or in person.

    What does extended time for assessment look like in remote learning?

    • Utilization of the testing center through virtual methods will be available.

    How will support staff best help my student?

    • Paraprofessional support in a remote or hybrid setting will mirror supports in an in person instructional setting. 

    How will evaluation assessments be conducted? 

    • Administration of assessments will be in a valid environment, methodology aligned and with fidelity to make educational decisions about student need and special education eligibility.

    How will supports and accommodations be handled in a hybrid environment?

    • All related services and accommodations will be provided as outlined in the IEP.  With a hybrid schedule students will have contact with their learning strategies (case manager) teacher at least every other day.  This contact will help facilitate the support each student's needs aligned with their IEP, goals, related services, and accommodations. Students will continue to get all services as outlined in their IEPs

    Who do I contact if I think my child’s accommodations are not being met?

    • The first person to contact would be their case manager. They can help resolve any issue you may have.