Recording Service Hours

  • To submit and record service hours on students' official ETHS Community Service Transcripts, students must submit documentation with the following information: 

    • Student Name/ID Number
    • Organization Name
    • Description of Activity
    • Date/Range of Dates (include month/date/year)
    • Number of Hours Completed

    Students may use this form to submit hours via email to The form MUST have organization/site coordinator contact information.

    Hours will be added to students' ETHS Community Service Transcript within the week depending on volume of hours submitted. If a student's hours are not reflected correctly on the transcript, please reach out to the Community Service Office. 

    What counts as service?

    Service is work that is done voluntary (unpaid) for the benefit of others through an organization, club, or activity. There are four types of service: 

        • Direct – such as working one-on-one as a tutor
        • Indirect – such as fundraising for a cause or organizing a food pantry
        • Awareness—such as educating preschool students about recycling
        • Advocacy—such as writing letters to local government official on behalf of an issue

    All types of service counts!

    ETHS (as a publicly funded organization) does not give service credit for volunteer work that is religious in nature (religion classes, religious services, etc) or supportive of a particular political candidate or party. We recognize that these are worthwhile experiences, but they don’t count as service at ETHS.