Student Parking Permits & Guidelines

  • Student parking permits are sold online beginning in August prior to the start of each school year. Permits must be purchased each school year and are issued on a first-come, first-served basis until each ETHS student parking lot is sold out. Permits sold to seniors only on the first day of sales. The number of available parking spaces in each lot will be shown in real-time through an online counter. Any remaining permits will be sold to juniors and seniors on the second day of sales. A limit of one parking permit can be purchased per each current ETHS senior or junior. Permits are not issued to freshmen or sophomores. There are no partial year permits. Permits are assigned per vehicle and are not transferable. 

    In order to purchase a parking permit, you will need to complete an online Student Parking Permit Application and pay for the permit via the ETHS Web Store during the August sales period. The online application requires the following information:

    • Student ID number
    • Student driver’s license number
    • Color, make, and model of vehicle
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and license plate number

    After completing the permit fee application, you will receive an email receipt of your transaction. The student applying for a parking permit must come to ETHS on the dates and times listed in the email announcements to pick up their permit in person at the front desk in the Safety Office located in H102 (use Entrance 1). The student must bring a printed copy of their permit fee application receipt, or print a copy of the receipt when they arrive to ETHS, along with the following items in order to receive their permit:

    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Current ETHS student ID card
    • Proof of auto insurance for the vehicle to be parked on school property

    Parents/guardians are responsible for reading and understanding the ETHS Student Parking Guidelines. Permits must be displayed in the approved student vehicle prior to the first day of classes at ETHS. Students must park in the lot assigned to their approved vehicle during school hours

    Lost or Temporary Permits

    Students who have a valid parking permit can request a temporary parking permit from the Safety Office if they need to bring a different vehicle to school. Lost/damaged permits may be replaced for $100 along with a written request from your parent/guardian.

    Student Parking Guidelines

    Vehicles with valid student parking permits properly displayed on the back window must be parked in the designated student areas of ETHS parking lots. If all student areas are full, the student driver should park in an available staff parking space and immediately contact a Safety staff member for assistance. Tickets will not be voided for students claiming lots are full without verification from Safety. Student vehicles with or without permits are not permitted to park in “visitor” or “restricted” spaces at any time. Parking spaces designated for people with disabilities are reserved for vehicles with disability parking placards or license plates. Students violating these parking regulations face the following consequences: vehicle ticketed, vehicle ticketed and towed, referral to Dean, and/or forfeiture of parking privileges. If a student feels a ticket was issued in error, please visit the Safety Office as soon as possible. 

    Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in vehicles parked on school grounds. School lots are regularly searched by contraband dogs, administrators, Safety staff, and police officers. You should be aware that items and spaces on school grounds are subject to search and view by others, and that prohibited items discovered during the course of a search may result in discipline, including, but not limited to, expulsion from school. Failure to follow these regulations will be considered failure to follow adult directions.


  • For more information about student parking permits, contact:
    Safety Department
    (847) 424-7500