Student Parking Permits & Guidelines

  • ETHS District 202 has a limited number of student parking spaces available on the school campus. A lottery system is used to determine which students may receive parking permits. Only current ETHS students who will be in grade 11 and grade 12 for the upcoming school year are eligible to register for the lottery. Eligible students should follow the steps and guidelines below.

    Step 1: Register online

    • Registration for the lottery opens in May and ends in July.
    • Eligible students can register on myETHS. One registration per eligible student is allowed. 

    Step 2: Lottery drawing and lot assignment

    • Registered students will be selected randomly through a lottery drawing in July. 
    • Students who are selected in the lottery will receive an email notification. Students are also assigned randomly to a student parking lot
    • All registered students may view their lottery status on myETHS.

    Step 3: Purchase parking permit

    • Lottery winners may purchase a parking permit during a specific time period through the ETHS Webstore. All past due student balances must be paid prior to purchase of permit.
    • The following information will be required to complete the purchase:
      • Student ID number
      • Student driver’s license number
      • Color, make, and model of vehicle 
      • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and license plate number
    • A limit of one (1) parking permit can be purchased for $400. Lottery winners who qualify for free or reduced lunch can purchase one (1) parking permit for $200.
    • An email will be sent to registered students when all permits are sold.

    Step 4: Permit pick-up

    • Paid permits can be picked up on designated days in July at the ETHS campus.
    • The student who purchased the permit must come to ETHS in person with the vehicle to be parked on school property. Bring the following items:
      • Valid Driver’s License
      • Proof of auto insurance for the vehicle to be parked on school property
    • Permits are assigned per vehicle and are not transferable. 

    Lost or Temporary Permits

    Students with valid parking permits can request temporary permits from the Safety Office if they need to drive a different vehicle to school. Lost/damaged permits may be replaced for $100 with a written request from a parent/guardian.

    Student Parking Guidelines

    • Students and parents/guardians are responsible for reading and understanding the ETHS Student Parking Guidelines.
    • Please park in the appropriate lot to avoid parking tickets. Parking tickets issued at ETHS are municipal tickets from the City of Evanston and subject to the City of Evanston enforcement and administrative hearing process.
    • Student parking permits are only issued to current ETHS grade 11 and grade 12 students. No student parking permits will be issued to grade 9 or grade 10 students.
    • Students may park on ETHS lots with a current, valid student parking permit properly displayed on the windshield of their vehicle.
    • Permits cannot be transferred to another vehicle unless prior approval is obtained from the ETHS Safety Department. Lost or damaged permits may be replaced for $100. Cars with valid permits will only be allowed to park in their designated lot. If students claim the lot is full, they must immediately contact the Safety Department for direction. Students are not allowed to park in other areas. Parking tickets will not be voided for students claiming lots are full without verification from the Safety Department. If students feel a ticket was issued erroneously, they must complete a Parking Ticket Void Request form in the Safety Office (H102).
    • If a student with a valid parking permit needs to temporarily drive another vehicle, the student must first get prior approval from the Safety Department (call 847-424-7500).
    • Student vehicles with or without permits are not permitted to park in visitor or restricted spaces. Accessible parking spaces are reserved for vehicles with accessible parking placards or license plates.
    • Student parking restrictions are in effect between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. whenever school is in session. Students may park their vehicle (permit or not) after hours on school property as long as they are present for a school-related activity. Vehicles may not be left overnight unless approved by the Safety Department. If students wish to leave a vehicle overnight, they must complete an Overnight/Extended Parking Request Form. Students parking off-campus should be aware of parking restrictions posted by the City of Evanston on adjoining streets.
    • Permits are required for motorbikes and are available from the Safety Department.
    • Failure to follow these regulations will be considered defiance of authority. ETHS lots are patrolled by the City of Evanston for boot-eligible vehicles.
    • ETHS is not responsible for stolen or damaged property while parked on school property.



    • Students who violate parking regulations will face one or more of the following consequences:
      • Vehicle ticketed
      • Vehicle ticketed and towed
      • Forfeiture of parking privilege
      • Referral to the Dean


  • For more information about student parking permits, contact:
    Safety Department
    (847) 424-7500