Graduation Requirements

  • Evanston Township High School students must complete the following District 202 Board of Education graduation requirements and earn a minimum total of 48 credits in order to meet statewide graduation requirements and earn an ETHS high school diploma.
    In general, one (1) credit is given for one semester of work in one course. ETHS students are expected to take six (6) credits each semester. Any plans to carry less than six (6) credits or more than eight (8) credits each semester must be pre-approved by a student’s parent/guardian, counselor, and the AP for Student Services. Students must spend the final semester before graduation at Evanston Township High School in order to earn an ETHS diploma. The administration cannot waive any graduation requirements other than exceptions granted by state law.
    College entrance requirements differ greatly and often exceed high school graduation requirements. For a complete explanation of requirements, students should contact their counselor. 

    English   8
    Math  6
    Science  4
    History & Social Sciences  4
    Civics (2017-2018 & future years)  2
    Physical Education  7
    Wellness Education  1
    Fine Arts/Career & Technical Education  3
    Electives  13
    Reading (if required)  Pass
    Consumer Education   Pass
    Constitution Test  Pass
    State Sponsored SAT  Grade 11
    FAFSA Completion (Class of 2021 and beyond)  Grade 12
     Total credits for graduation  48
    ENGLISH —Eight (8) credits are required. All freshmen take 1 Humanities English. Senior Studies and senior English courses count toward this requirement. 
    MATH —Six (6) credits are required. Freshmen must take a two-credit math course. Four additional math credits are required to graduate.

    SCIENCE —Four (4) credits in a lab science are required (two in a physical science, two in a biological science).

    HISTORY & SOCIAL SCIENCES —Four (4) History & Social Sciences credits are required. All freshmen take 1 Humanities History. Juniors take U.S. History. Students must take and pass the Constitution test. 
    CIVICS — Two (2) Civics credits are required and must be taken in the sophomore year.

    PHYSICAL & WELLNESS EDUCATION — Students must complete seven (7) credits in Physical Education and one (1) credit in Wellness Education in order to graduate from ETHS. Students are required to take one physical education course per semester. Sophomores are required to take one semester of Physical Education and one semester of Wellness Education.
    FINE ARTS/CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION — All students must fulfill a total of three (3) credits of Fine Arts and Career & Technical Education (CTE): 1 in Fine Arts and 2 in CTE or 2 in Fine Arts and 1 in CTE. All courses in art, music, and speech arts satisfy the Fine Arts requirement. All CTE courses meet the CTE requirement. 1, 2, and 3 Video Production & Design, 1, 2, and 3 Graphic Design, Metal Sculpture, and 1 Stagecraft fulfill Fine Arts or CTE credit. All Special Education computer courses meet the CTE requirement.

    ELECTIVES — A minimum of 13 elective credits are needed for graduation. Any course that does not meet a specific graduation requirement is considered an elective. Elective courses may be chosen from any department.

    READING (if required) —Students who demonstrate the need for support in reading (MAP RIT score of 219 or below) on the MAP reading assessment must take and pass a reading class their freshman year. Beyond freshman year, students who continue to demonstrate the need for support in reading must take and pass any reading classes they are placed in and/or may receive defined reading assistance in their English and history classes.

    CONSUMER EDUCATION — Illinois state law requires students to pass one (1) Consumer Education course in order to graduate. Courses that fulfill the Consumer Education requirement are designated with a © symbol in the Course Selection Guide. These courses are Personal Finance & Careers in Business Mgt/Info Systems, Personal Finance & Careers in Health Sciences/Human Services, Personal Finance & Engineering Design Thinking, any CTE practicum course, The American Legal System, Economics, Contemporary Adult Life, full-year Business Law, Information Technology Internship/Personal Finance, or any Special Education Job Experience, Consumer Education or Vocational Studies/Training course. These courses allow students to earn elective credit in the appropriate department while meeting the Consumer Education requirement. 
    CONSTITUTION TEST — Students must take and pass the Constitution test.
    STATE SPONSORED SAT —  Students must take the state-sponsored SAT to earn an Illinois high school diploma.
    FAFSA COMPLETION - As of the 2020-21 school year, to receive a diploma from an Illinois public high school, a student must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA or the Alternate Application for Illinois Financial Aid, if applicable, or opt a child out of this graduation requirement.

    To opt out, email student's name and ID# to No ISBE Financial Aid Application Non Participation Forms will be accepted. 

    Please contact the ETHS College & Career Services office for additional support and assistance